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  1. septhes

    WTB EM/NCO Prong-back Reichs kokarden

    Looking for a few non-yellowed, good condition original EM/NCO Reichs kokarden for Imperial soft headgear. (Hard to find for some reason, while the market is awash in state kokarden of various flavors). Thanks! ~Jeff
  2. septhes

    WTB Cloth Cavalry Headgear

    I am always on the lookout for high-quality, pre-WWI Imperial German cavalry caps (officer, NCO, or enlisted). Please give me a shout if you have anything you may be deaccessioning from your collections. Thanks! ~Jeff
  3. septhes

    So, for the MAX and similar shows...

    I've been around the militaria collecting world for @30+ years on and off - mostly off for the past decade or so as my focus (and income) was on my wretched beloved offspring (yay kids). I started actively collecting again @2 years ago, just in time for COVID to shut down the show circuit. But...
  4. septhes

    HR17 Studio CDV

    While we're on the topic of HR17...a nifty CDV of a well-dressed hussar taken at a Braunschweig photographer's studio.
  5. septhes

    "Death Head Hussar?"

    I'm not even sure where to start. But the $902.50 shipping on a $898.00 item seems totally legit... Yikes
  6. septhes

    Private Messages? does a fella post private messages? I've poked around and can't seem to figure it out. I was guessing the little envelope icon, but that just shows "conversations" for me but doesn't seem to include an option to start one. Thanks in advance! ~ Jeff
  7. septhes

    WTB Bavarian EM Prong-back Cockades

    Hello - I am looking for one or two Bavarian prong-back cockades for NCO/enlisted cloth headgear. (I'm also on the lookout for non-yellowed reich's cockades). Thanks in advance!