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  1. J.LeBrasseur

    SOS 2022 February 24-26th

    ok so who is coming to this years SOS show? Gus and I will be set up as usual with many things to sell( Brian will not make it this time, but hopefully the next one.) I am bringing around 20 Pickelhauben and many wappens, shoulder boards etc. to sell along with swords etc. Make sure you stop...
  2. J.LeBrasseur

    Pickelhauben Books for Sale

    Guy's I purchased a couple small helmet collections in the last month or so, and along with them came a lot of Helmet books I already have. Offering them here at what I think is better then fair prices based on what they go for on the internet. most more then 1/2 off, Some are hard to find...
  3. J.LeBrasseur

    Standard Bearer patch thoughts and ID

    hey guy's just got this piece it is framed and sealed in glass so I have not taken out yet, but I can break the seal if needed. I am no expert on these and have a couple questions: 1) large size it is almost 6inchs tall 2) colors, have not seen this version before? Other Prussian ones I have...
  4. J.LeBrasseur

    Side post part needed

    Hey guy's I am in need of one of these in Brass, or if need be I will buy a pair! Can buy or trade other parts. email or PM me, [email protected] Thanks James
  5. J.LeBrasseur

    Prussian M15 field grey pickelhaube marked to Pioneer batl 17

    I cannot remember ever having a M15 field Grey Prussian helmet marked to a Pioneer helmet before, but here we go.. Numerous markings in back visor, but appears to be PB 17 and 1898 but it is a M15 helmet? Visor is for sure original to helmet... Nice m15 fittings with removable spike. Wappen...
  6. J.LeBrasseur

    Bavarian OR Chevauleger helmet for sale

    Bavarian OR Brass trimmed Chevauleger helmet, these are hard to find in any condition. This one needs a little love to bring it back to life or it does display well as it is. Crown had been broken off of front wappen, still have the crown which will be included. Wappen is held on with screw...
  7. J.LeBrasseur

    Trip to Idaho and the famous Gus Collection

    First part of the trip from the airport to Gus's house stopped at the Hill Air Force Museum by Ogden Utah. Great museum that is free to the public with both outside and inside displays of tons of aircraft from WWI through modern times with a bunch of WWII vintage planes. Couple WWI U.S...
  8. J.LeBrasseur

    Prussian 16th Dragoon officer

    With the help of a friend out west, I finally was able to get this Prussian 16th Dragoon officer helmet with Waterloo bandeau. Came out of a old gun collector collection. Silver trim which is uncleaned, but overall great shape. now one of my favorites. James
  9. J.LeBrasseur

    Bavarian Officer Raupenhelm For Sale

    This is a very stunning Raupenhelm for Bavarian Officer with Ludwig wappen. The helmet itself is in awesome shape with correct officer silk liner and very nice leather chinstrap. Shell itself is almost dent and scratch free no crinkle. Comes with original Officer raupe which ahs become...
  10. J.LeBrasseur

    Prussian Tin Ersatz "Kit" helmet For Sale

    Nice Ersatz Prussian tin KIT helmet for Sale, just missing chinstrap and kokarden. Finish is in great shape with couple very tiny dents and scratches. Spike is faux type which is correct, wappen is held on correctly with tube attachment, there are two small holes in shell behind wappen, see...
  11. J.LeBrasseur

    Two Prussian Green Steel Ersatz helmets with slightly different features.

    So I just picked up another Ersatz Green painted steel helmet to go along with the one I already had. The one on the left is new to me and is a M95 fittings OR helmet with nice maker mark "Albert Schand Kreuztal LW" and size 57 stamp the 2nd one I have had for years and is also Green painted...
  12. J.LeBrasseur

    Prussian M15 Garde shako

    This is a good honest M15 Garde shako in good shape. Garde Front plate is held on with two leather tabs, no extra holes. Nice original Reich kokarden and I think the chinstrap is a good one, but not positive? Only downside is the liner shows a lot of wear and tear, still soft, but ahs some...
  13. J.LeBrasseur

    Prussian M15 Shako for sale

    very, Very nice Prussian m15 shako for sale. Complete with original chinstrap and Reich kokarden, only thing missing is Prussian Fedlzeichen. Nice correct wappen is held on with 2 original leather tabs, no extra holes. Shell is awesome with minimal crazing if any. Liner is in great shape...
  14. J.LeBrasseur

    Help with ID of 3 fireman helmets

    Guy's helping out a fellow helmet collector who just got these 3 helmets. pretty sure all three are fireman's. I know the one on the far right is Wurttemberg, but anyone have any ideas on the first two? Probably city crests? thanks James
  15. J.LeBrasseur

    Two more helmets for sale to forum members first

    Couple more helmets that I will offer here first. 1) Bavarian Reserve officer helmet good helmet that could use some TLC. Spike top is removable as it should be, but just spins and does not come off, sure it can be fixed. wappen is very nice with reserve cross, held on with 2 screw posts...
  16. J.LeBrasseur

    Two Wurttemberg helmets for sale

    Selling these two very nice Wurttemberg helmets, both in great shape! Please PM or email me with any questions or for more pictures. email [email protected] 1) Nice officer helmet with Curved scales for train. older model that is a little more streamlined then a M95. 1 of the stars in...
  17. J.LeBrasseur

    National WWI Museum in Kansas City

    So my wife and I met up with Gus and Maggie at the National WW1 Museum in Kansas City, I have never been there before, and I have to say I was impressed. I took a bunch of picture to share, please understand that the lighting made taking pictures tough, tons of glare, so sorry for some of the...
  18. J.LeBrasseur

    SOS pictures

    Heading out today for show, stopping at WWI museum on the way meeting Gus and Maggie there. Will post pictures here from the Show starting Thursday! James
  19. J.LeBrasseur

    Buckle ID?

    Anyone have an idea what this buckle is? thinking Italian but not sure.... James
  20. J.LeBrasseur

    Kokarden packaging etc.

    I happen to love collecting the packages that these Kokarden came in, here are some examples of boxes or cellophane packages. James