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  1. chrispaulodale

    New Book 'Traditions of the Imperial German Infantry Regiments'

    I'm very happy to announce that my new book 'Traditions of the Imperial German Infantry Regiments' is out on Amazon. This book takes a look into the histories of each of the two hundred and seventeen infantry regiments (and eighteen light infantry battalions) that made up the Imperial German...
  2. chrispaulodale

    Videos of Museum Collections

    I've started a YouTube channel of military mseums I've visited. Among the first few I've uploaded are some with good Pickelhaube and Imperial era collections- ROYAL BELGIAN ARMY MUSEUM, BRUSSELS BELGIUM FRENCH ARMY MUSEUM, PARIS FRANCE
  3. chrispaulodale

    Fort de la Pompelle Museum Video

    Hello folks, I got to visit the legendary Fort de la Pompelle museum at last! Actually I went there a couple of years back and found it was closed, but now I visited when it was open. Here's a short video (with some Haube slideshow in there).
  4. chrispaulodale

    Abreviation a. I. s. d. ?

    Hello all, Can anyone heelp me with this abreviation "a. I. s. d.". It's used after a rank title, eg "Hauptmann a. I. s. d.". I suspect it means the officier in question is still in service but on secondment (in this case to the colonies) but I'm not sure exactly. Any help appreciated...
  5. chrispaulodale

    Help with Identification, please...

    Does anyone know who this man might be? Any help appreciated. Cheers Chris
  6. chrispaulodale

    Has anyone got a photo of Mecklenburg Guards in Bearskins?

    I've read about the Mekclenburg Schwerin Grand Ducal Guard from the 89th Regt wearing Bearskin hats and seen illustrations. Does anyone have a photo? Cheers Chris
  7. chrispaulodale

    Asians in German Uniform? Help Needed!

    Hello folks, I recently recieved an email asking for help identifying some photographs. These ones have got me stumped! They look like Asians in German uniform with German troops. A training exchange possibly? Any help from readers would be appreciated... Cheers Chris
  8. chrispaulodale

    An early collector showing off his impressive two!

    I saw this photo on" onclick=";return false; and liked it. Cheers Chris
  9. chrispaulodale

    Afghan Mission 1915-16

    Photos from the collection of Lt von Hentig on the Mission to Afghanistan (Photos © Stiftung Bibliotheca Afghanica)-" onclick=";return false;[tx_fmphototheca_collection.title][]=5...
  10. chrispaulodale

    East Asian Tschako

    Looks like there's an East Asian Tschako here-" onclick=";return false; Cheers Chris
  11. chrispaulodale

    Imperial War Museum Collection Online

    I've just noticed a lot of the London Imperial War Museum Collection is up online, have a search for "Pickelhaube" and other things at-" onclick=";return false;? Cheers Chris PS Can we have a separate section on this forum for...
  12. chrispaulodale

    Hawaiian Pickelhaube

    It seems everybody loves a good Haube! King Kalakaua of Hawaii-" onclick=";return false; Cheers Chris
  13. chrispaulodale

    Defenders of Tsingtau curios photo

    Here's a curious one that I can't fathom out- from" onclick=";return false; The same photo appeared in Haupt's Schutztruppe book claiming they were Tsingtau Landsturm. But something's very odd here- the...
  14. chrispaulodale

    Pickelhauben in the Lisbon Military Museum, Portugal

    I thought Portugal would be a pretty unlikely place to hunt for Pickelhauben so I went and had a look at the Museu Militar, Largo do Museu da Artilharia, Alfama in Lisbon. I was pleasantly surprised. Is this an 1842 Officer's Haube? An 1895, missing its chinstrap and cockades? This is an...
  15. chrispaulodale

    Tschako in Genko Historical Museum, Fukuoka Japan

    This is the only item of the Tsingtao garrison in a Japanese museum that I know of. The photo is from WikiMedia Commons" onclick=";return false; It is a...
  16. chrispaulodale

    Visit to the Fort de la Pompelle Museum

    The first thing you should all know about the Fort de la Pompelle is that the opening times advertised on the Riems tourist board site are wrong. That's right, I visited a closed museum! After waiting years for this opportunity and then spending 60 Euros on the train from Paris and 25 Euros on...
  17. chrispaulodale

    Pickelhauben at the Fort de la Pompelle Museum

    I noticed someone had taken lots of photos of their Pickelhauben here-" onclick=";return false; I can't wait to visit that place someday. Cheers Chris
  18. chrispaulodale

    Regimental nicknames? and East Asian troop numbers....

    Hello folks, I just stumbled across this website about the Lockstedter Lager training ground...." onclick=";return false; This page is of particular interest to me as it gives the numbers of men, NCOs and officers...
  19. chrispaulodale

    Webpage on Jäger Battalions

    Hello folks, I made a webpage on the uniform differences for the various pre-war Jäger Battalions. It's temporarily at this link-" onclick=";return false; I know all the information has been published in the...
  20. chrispaulodale

    German Historical Museum

    Hello folks, Today I went to the Deutsche Historische Museum in Berlin. It's not a military museum as such but a museum on the general and social history of Germany from pre-Roman times to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. But of course any history of Germany would be incomplete without a few...