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  1. cliffn

    Hessian Reservist

    Hello all, What do you think of this helmet? Thanks, Cliff
  2. cliffn

    Small soldiers

    Hi Paul, I have my own little army of Dutch soldiers. Just have to get a cabinet on the wall to put them. Cliff :army: :thumbleft:
  3. cliffn

    Imperial German Mining Officer's Uniform

    Hello All, A quick question. This item is only up for a few more hours. Is this a civilian or military tunic and hat. It is nice. Thanks . Cliff :???: Sorry , forgot URL Cliff
  4. cliffn

    Kompanie Size

    Here is a postcard of what I think might be a Kompanie size unit pic. Cheers, Cliff
  5. cliffn

    Regiment on Parade

    Hello All, Here is a postcard that I have saved. I thought that you would find it interesting. It gives an idea of the size of a German Regiment on Parade. Cheers, Cliff
  6. cliffn

    Ontario Shows for 2006

    Hello Everyone, Here is a topic that we could add to, to show what militaria shows are coming up this year in the area. I picked up a flyer for the next Etobicke show is Sat. June 10. 8:30-2:30. They also have a web site. There is also the...
  7. cliffn

    Compare the Felt Haubes

    I don't know much about the felt haubes. Here are 2, from 2 different sellers. Are they real and if so. Why so different. 1) I believe is real. Also real nice. 2)...
  8. cliffn


    Hello all, Can I get the opinion of this shako. Thanks. Cheers, Cliff :???:
  9. cliffn

    Pickelhaube Unit I.D.

    Hello all, I got my first haube a couple of years ago. There is a nice stamp on the rear. P.R. 30. Can anyone help with the unit ID of it? Thanks. :? I have a couple of photos of my haube. But, I don't know how to upload them to the site. Cheers, Cliff