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  1. zipperheads9

    Canadian Government/ public post

    Please read the link .I know it is specifically aimed at the Canadin Forces ,but may give an interest to those ,with kids or even those who had relatives serve with them. Poppy image on Page .For Vimy Day April 9th
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    Possible Padre's vestment help ID please

    Hi Been awhile since i have been on here . I was able to pick up this item and would apreciate an idea of possibilities .It is black linen and is about 11 feet in total length and is roughly 1 and 1/2 feet wide it has the iron gross mounted off center and on my shoulders it rest's on the left...
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    Small canteen collection

    Here is my small of great war canteens. My 2 German Canteens , The one with the blue lip is Grenn under neath the Flet and is marked obersileiches 17 as was the canteen ,It has had the original strap fall apart , but i have the original metal work . The other is a green Steel canteen and...
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    My small collection of Gas mask;s and cans

    This a small phot section of pics of my gas mask's ,used by Germany. the 3 different mask's i have , the gummi is the 3rd pattern hasthe y strap conguration. It has a very nice can interior. The other 2 are the leather mask versions Card found in bottum og Gummi can ,not sure it the write...
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    Etobikoe Military Show -Today

    I attended the Etobikoe military show with Cliff N . Stalhelm was there as well. Very busy show alot of interesting headgear for sale and display . Here a few photo's The Baden is for the JR170 the Gaurd was tagged for 1st gaurds , could not make out inside rear .The Prussian...
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    Belgian cap

    I picked up a new piece ,not a Haube but a Belgian soft cap the khaki version of the French cap. Any idea of unit marking's ,and confirm Belgian . any help would be greatly aprecited. Mark
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    Canadian Armoury Fire

    For those who have not heard a very old Armoury in Quebec City has been lost to fire .in this Armoury there was a museum to severalRegiments , but mainly the Regiment De Voltiger. I have left a link to the former contents of the museum. Not to mention the Armouries built in 1885...
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    Finding some WWw1 officer's

    this site may help people find WW1 officer's .this camp hel senior officer's . Mark
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    Etobikoe Military show

    Etobikoe is the next weekend . Mark
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    Stehlhelm urzeburg

    This is up on ebay , but am curious about the marking's , so I am apealing for information ,if it real or fake? Mark
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    Average age ?

    Can anyone tell me the average age of the German soldier during WW1 . I am looking at the war average, 1914-1918. Thank's Mark
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    New Film being done on Pashendale

    There is a film being done for release next November , in Theater's .It is being Directed by Paul Gross , he played the Mountie on the TV series "DUE SOUTH " . The shot's I have seen are very good. The money for a real film have been put into this project. My first military film expierience...
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    Service Pub welcome

    welcome Clive . it is nice to see you on the forum . Mark Giroux
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    Einheitsmutze pics

    This little beast is in the museum collection , I volunteer with. Here are the pics. It is a size 55 marked to BA VIII , made by J and M ? Coblenz Front Inside Side There is no date . I have noticed some moth nipping that was not there last time it was out of the case. I have to...
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    I have had this awhile but thought I would seek opinion's on it. There no unit stamps just sizing marks.It is a very rough wool ,I feel it is not a modern copy if it is a copy, the wool is the same wieght as the WW1 Canadian kit I have handled. I have a few cackades for it but am waiting to...
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    etobikoe finds

    This how seems to be getting shorter for a fall show. The organiser's are trying to do something else. Here are some pics for viewing items of interest at show. An M15 prussian kgel Felt with Cover matched and dated. it is still for sale as the dealer went home with it. The cover 44th FAR...
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    M95 pair , but what part's are who's

    High need some help just aquiered 2 m95's I think they are m95's) .One is a Prussian Infantry and the Other is a Prusian Kugel. The pair came together and was purchased from a WW2 veteran, so I am told. I think some part's were switched as the Pearled Spike is on the helmet with the visor...
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    Etobikoe fall sept 15th

    Next Saturday for the Etobikoe show, Mark
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    We need a beach head area for our planned invasion of Chile. They are saber rattling after their under 20 FIFa kids got into a fight with Toronto police. But they are all angels according to their consul . Zippey
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    Brittish research on German Military

    this a site that list's world links to help research many different sites on German military Heritage. I have found some of these on my own but someone has put a ALOT on one site. Mark