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  1. SkipperJohn

    Trouble Adding to a Post

    Is anybody else having trouble adding a comment to a post? When I try to add a comment I get a message "oops a failure has occurred". When I close it my comment posts twice. Sorry, it's very hard to explain, but it is proving to be a royal pain. John
  2. SkipperJohn

    Kürassier Opinions

    What are your opinions on this: I think it could be an original helmet with a fake Wappen. The liner is also highly suspect; however, I have seen similar period liners in Kürassier helmets before, especially C.E...
  3. SkipperJohn

    Restoration Project

    Brian, I have one for you to restore...
  4. SkipperJohn

    Model 1915 Steel Ersatz

    This helmet is condition III, or worse, and other than a mild cleaning, it remains the same as the day I found it. $395.00 plus S&H More on this helmet is written here, with others comments: John
  5. SkipperJohn

    Model 1867 Prussian Canteen

    Here is my latest purchase, a Model 1867 Prussian canteen: It is in immaculate condition having only a few small chips around the opening. The cork is intact and still seals the bottle: The canteen came with a tin cup that fits perfectly, but snugly, on the bottom of the canteen: The...
  6. SkipperJohn

    I've Never Seen This Before

    Has anybody ever seen the inside of a helmet that looked as new, or repro, as this one?: The helmet looks old, the fittings seem proper (except it should have screw posts for the chinscales...
  7. SkipperJohn

    Canteen Question

    I am looking at a couple of canteens on Ebay: The first one is French, and there is little question about that, but where does the second...
  8. SkipperJohn

    Pearl Ring

    Has anybody ever seen this type of pearl ring on a model 1871 before...
  9. SkipperJohn

    Model 1860 Prussian Train Battalion Officer's Pickelhaube

    This is my newest acquisition; a Prussian Train Battalion Officer's helmet: The Train Battalions consisted of supply and logistics troops. They used horse drawn wagons to haul the three B’s necessary for an army to function (beans, bullets, and bandages). Though they used the railways for...
  10. SkipperJohn

    Seeking Opinions on this Officer Helmet

    I have been looking at this helmet for about ten days now. It has been re-listed on Ebay at least once. I am very interested, but I would like other opinions. It is advertised as Infantry, but I believe that it is...
  11. SkipperJohn

    Another Unusual Camouflage Pattern M16

    The military directive of 7 July 1918 directed that all steel helmets be painted in equal sized segments with square edges. The colors were to be green, darkened yellow , rust, and brown. The segments were to be separated by black lines about 1/2 inch wide. This helmet meets only a portion of...
  12. SkipperJohn

    Baden Enlisted Private Purchase (Economy Version)

    Here is a Baden privately purchased helmet made of leather with Vulkanfiber visor and neck guard: The helmet has held it's shape well: The spike is excessively tall, typical for private purchased helmets of the time: The rear spine is the enlisted, non-vented, type: The Wappen is...
  13. SkipperJohn

    Bremen Kokarden

    The free city of Bremen adopted the use of the Pickelhaube in 1850. In 1866 the Infantrie Regiment Bremen (1 Hanseatisches) Nr. 75 was formed and it was active from 1866 until 1918. The Bremen Kokarde from 1866 measured 51mm and it was flat instead of convex, which was typical for Bremen. It had...
  14. SkipperJohn

    The Prussian Kokarde

    The Kokarde, credited to the French, was used by several of the 39 independent German speaking states prior to 1808. Bavaria began using a white-blue-white Kokarde in 1806. Bavaria fought for the French, so their decision to adopt the Kokarde made sense. The Kokarde was not adopted by Prussia...
  15. SkipperJohn

    Model 1871 Prussian Dragoon Officer with Issue

    I have had this Prussian Dragoon for several years. It is in pretty good condition, but has been polished by a previous owner. I have cleaned it, but I have never attempted a complete removal of the old polish: The helmet is pre-1880 and has only one Kokarde. There is no Kokarde on the left...
  16. SkipperJohn

    Hessen Infantry Officer's Pickelhaube

    Aside from the glue this looks pretty good: The four arms of the crucifix base are the same length (only on Hessen). The Kokarden look correct. The chinscales are rounded so I doubt that it's infantry, I think it's a...
  17. SkipperJohn

    Model 1871 Garde Grenadier helmet

    This is a Model 1871 Garde Grenadier helmet: The helmet is made of very heavy leather and stands just over 10” tall: Since this helmet pre-dates 1897 there is only one Kokarde. The Kokarde is stamped metal and measures 51mm: There is no Kokarde on the left side of the helmet: The...
  18. SkipperJohn

    Baden Schirmmutze

    Baden Schirmmutze ca 1880 likely worn by an Unteroffizier mit Portapee. The headband has lost it's stiffness so the hat sags when resting on it's own. I use a strip of plastic with velcro on both ends to form a loop to stiffen this hat when on display (see last photo). The stitching is all there...
  19. SkipperJohn

    Saxon Enlisted Wartime Gray Schirmmutze

    Saxon Enlisted Wartime Gray Schirmmutze for sale. This hat is in very good condition for a wartime issue. Holds it's shape well. Beautiful Kokarden with age patina. Signed on the underside of the visor. All stitching is solid and tight. $295.00 US plus S&H pm me if interested. John
  20. SkipperJohn

    Prussian Enlisted Dragoon Schirmmutze

    Prussian Enlisted Dragoon Schirmmutze for sale. This hat is more hellblau than kornblumenblau, but that is common among dragoon uniform items. The hat is solid with all stitching intact. The hatband is still stiff and maintains it's shape well. There are several small moth nips. There is another...