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  1. KAGGR#1

    Another new strap arrived today .Christmas Eve

    So it will be a present to myself . Telegraphen Batl. Nr. 5 formed 1912 Garrison Danzig XVII A K Straps from this area are hard to find . The silver / black chevron at the top I think indicates the soldier went to the Telegraph School Steve
  2. KAGGR#1

    New strap for the collection

    Eisenbahn Regt . 4 Just in yesterday formed in 1913 Garrison Berlin part of the Garde K. the 4th Komp was a Wurttemberg unit Steve
  3. KAGGR#1

    My last helmet for 2021 A Feldgrau shako for Fusilier Regt 108

    Here is my last helmet for 2021 A Feldgrau shako for Fusilier Regt . 108 It has a Kammer issue stamp on the inside visor I am very pleased to add this one to my collection Steve
  4. KAGGR#1

    M 1915 new straps for the collection Dec . 20 , 2021

    Here are my new straps for the collection . M 1915 H R straps ; 1 L H R 1 ; 2 L H R 2 ; H R 13 ; H R 15 Feldgrau pear shaped Uhlan Regt 11 M 1915 U R 13 Steve
  5. KAGGR#1

    Wanted M 1915 H R straps for enlisted men

    I am looking for M1915 H R shoulder straps for enlisted men of H R 7 and H R 12 Thanks Steve
  6. KAGGR#1

    Leib Grenadier Regt. 8 100 years

    I just got in this postcard showing 100 years for the L G R 8 So I thought that I might add a couple of things along with it . Steve
  7. KAGGR#1

    Prussian Landwehr Officer silver trim

    Here is a Prussian Landwehr officer helmet that I bought a few years ago at the S O S from Age of Kings . A nice 3 -D sunburst holds the cross . Steve McFarland
  8. KAGGR#1

    Uhlan Regt 14 Reserve officer to parade

    Here is my U R 14 reserve officer to parade Steve
  9. KAGGR#1

    Garde Landwehr enlisted helmet in brass trim

    Here is a helmet that I have owned for a number of years . Garde Landwehr enlisted in brass trim. While checking the Prussian Rang List of 1913 I see the following units that might wear this helmet I think . 1 ; 2 : 3 : 4 Garde Landwehr Regts. 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 Garde Grenadier Landwehr Regts and...
  10. KAGGR#1

    Saxon Uhlan officer to parade

    We had some talk about Rabatte for Uhlan officers helmets when Sandy posted his super nice Bavarian officers helmet with the elegant tall motor board . How to find a Rabatte that might fit When and if they can be found is an example of a Saxon Officer that I had in in my collection some...
  11. KAGGR#1

    Eisenbahn Regt. 2

    Just in yesterday Eisenbahn Regt. 2 Reserve or Landwehr e m helmet . The seller did not have the proper I D on the helmet so I reached out to Philippe and he replied with the proper I D for this helmet E R 2 was formed in 1890 and the Eisenbahn troops wore the uniform and helmet of the...
  12. KAGGR#1

    Bavarian Musicmeister M 1912

    Here are my 3 new Bavarian Musicmeister shoulder straps . These came from the last Kube auction Left to right ; Bavarian I R 1 Bavarian I R 6 Bavarian Field Artillery Regt 2 these are all the 3rd and final model shoulder straps worn by the Musicmeister M 1912 all Musicmeister wore red...
  13. KAGGR#1

    FAR 51 Officer Stellvertreter

    It don't seem to be a lot of interest in shoulder straps on the site . I know that it is a helmet site but for every soldier who wore a helmet he also had shoulder straps Here are some new straps that I just got in with the rank of Officer Stellvertreter for FAR 51 My favorite rank I...
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    Wurttemberg Pioneer Batl 13

    Bruno and all members ; Bruno I address you first as I know that you know the Laine book well. For all the years that I have owned it I had a reason to pay attention to Wurttemberg P B 13 .Today I did . Whoever did the art layout work for Laine shows the officers helmet for Wurttemberg P B 13...
  15. KAGGR#1

    Just arrived today Saxon L G R 100 and Hessian L G I R 115

    2 new enlisted man helmets in today Saxon L G R 100 and Hessian L G I R 115 The 3 Hessian L G I R 115 helmets together Steve
  16. KAGGR#1

    Wurttemberg Dragoon Regt 25 epaulettes

    Just in today from the Stauffer auction a beautiful pair from D R 25 These are the later , smaller more elegant style in close to mint condition I am looking to buy Dragoon epaulettes both pairs and singles if anyone has some that they might want to move . Thanks Steve
  17. KAGGR#1

    2 Garde Regt zu Fuss Band postcard

    When I saw this postcard for sale I had to buy it .The Band of the 2 Garde Regt zu Fuss .Back when I was working I had a toy soldier painter do a few of the 2 G R zu Fuss Band figures for me , so I thought that this postcard would be nice to have with the soldiers . Steve
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    1 Garde Reserve Regt

    Not a photo but a nice postcard about the 1 Garde Reserve Regt. I hope that I did not post it in the wrong place Steve
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    Saxon Garde Reiter

    Things seem a little slow this Friday. Maybe a good time for a new helmet . Back before 1992 I had a nice enlisted Saxon Garde Reiter helmet with lion top . Then I sold all of my Non -Prussian helmets .So now I have a replacement . Steve
  20. KAGGR#1

    L K R 1 enlisted helmet in Feldgrau

    Here is one that just arrived a few days ago .I was off line and could not post ,but that problem thanks to Brain and Logan is now solved . L K R 1 enlisted man's helmet in Feldgrau . Something that I have wanted for a long time Photos by Mike Heuer Steve