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  1. Naprawiacz

    Wappen to clean off the dirt build-up.

    To clean the adler I used dishwashing liquid mixed with a chemical used to clean the facades of buildings.
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    Pickelhaube koffer

    I repaired the cover, which was in poor condition.
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    1. Ulanen-Regiment Kaiser Wilhelm II., König von Preußen.
  4. Naprawiacz

    Mle 1915-bleue horizon

    The owner of the jacket was an adjutant with the rank of second lieutenant from 15 régiment d'infanterie.Among other things, the regiment took part in the Battle of Verdun.
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    Pickelhaube Polizei Elsass - Lothringen

    My newest purchase.
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    I have no idea what cockades.Dimensions 70mm and 49mm.The smaller ones are made of brass.Thank you for all your feedback.
  7. Naprawiacz

    Eigentumsstück Tellermütze-small repair

    The object was straightened using a little water and a complex system of weights.
  8. Naprawiacz

    Bavarian pickelhaubes

    After a few days I finally finished the job.One of the helmets was later converted into a firefighter helmet.I recreated its original purpose which is military.
  9. Naprawiacz

    Spike a small repair

    I straightened it without heating the material in the cold, polishing it with a paste made of a mixture of citric acid, baking soda and a little water. Item cleaned with a toothbrush.
  10. Naprawiacz

    Wappen cleaning and manual straightening.

    The item cleaned with a paste made from citric acid mixed with baking soda and a little water.I applied the paste with a toothbrush.For a more difficult piece I used a brush with brass wires.
  11. Naprawiacz

    Pickelhaube straightening

    As usual I used the most expensive materials: water, mannequin head and stone.Work in progress.
  12. Naprawiacz

    Raupenhelm m.1868 for a fireman

    The item after a small renovation, I removed numerous dents and removed the shellac from the brass.
  13. Naprawiacz

    The world's only preserved Tschapka.

    Clearly, there is no shortage of applicants.https:
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    Bayern Helm M 1853 der Landwehr (Bürgermilitär/Bürgerwehr)

    The item cleared of tobacco smoke.The condition of the parade bush was very poor.Sticky hair and an incredible musty smell.I washed the horse hair in water with hair shampoo.I combed it for several hours.
  15. Naprawiacz

    Belt Garde-Ulanen-Regt. No.2

    Belt Garde-Ulanen-Regt. No.2 from a private purchase and soldier's assignment.Item after a minor repair.
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    Request for opinion -kugelhaube

    I have some doubts about this kugelhaube, what do you think?
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    Garde Regiment officer with his son.

    Garde Regiment officer with his son.A very unusual outfit for a young soldier.Analysis of the uniform done by Jurgen of MY VIRTUAL MUSEUM".The chevron on his shoulder only indicates a Gefreiter. The sweatshirt looks like a standard M36. On the other hand, the fact that there is something there...
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    Someone was looking for this item.
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    I dug up the item a few years ago and it was a preserve with meat in jars hidden in the ground from the Soviet army in March 1945. The vessel is glazed inside with the colour feldgrau. I have been looking for information about it for several years, without any result as to the year of production...
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    Please identify this weapon.

    I would ask you to identify this weapon, especially the abbreviation R.G. In the literature the inverse of G.R.Object belongs to my colleague.