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  1. ebeeby

    Flag Wanted Searching Endlessly

    Can you share some photos of the lance pennants?
  2. ebeeby

    Jager Regt zu Pferde Enlisted

  3. ebeeby

    the 11th hour.....

  4. ebeeby

    Estate collection of pickelhaubes for sale

    Yeah, this forum is probably not a good fit for 15-year-olds.
  5. ebeeby

    Latest find after the S O S 2021 Hessian I R 117 ersatz

    Thanks for sharing!
  6. ebeeby

    CRUSHED !!!

    Nice save!
  7. ebeeby

    A patriotic tin box, featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II, and some others...

    Nice one! Never before seen.
  8. ebeeby

    Baden Arty Pickelhaube on Bay

    Dan you made a great move by checking in here first.
  9. ebeeby

    Rare Austrian Helmet

    Biker helmet for the "Rat Finks" motorcycle gang.....
  10. ebeeby


    #1 daughter on a 1916 Spandau captured at Malancourt, 26 September 1918:
  11. ebeeby

    CRUSHED !!!

    Looking forward to more progress photos especially on correcting the finish damage. I have a little Saxon helmet here which is a testament to your stitching prowess! Eric
  12. ebeeby

    CRUSHED !!!

    Can't wait to see the "after" photos and the results of your magic!
  13. ebeeby

    Helmet cover? Really?

    3 drunk bidders?
  14. ebeeby

    This Belongs In A Museum

    I like it.....unless it's from Latvia.
  15. ebeeby

    Saxe Weimar FAdj Helmet J Turinetti

    Thanks for sharing!
  16. ebeeby

    Some harder to find Uberzugs

    Nice! Very nice!
  17. ebeeby

    Saxon IR 133 tunic and helemt kinder

    Great set, thanks for sharing!
  18. ebeeby

    Of possible interest

    Many I have never seen...