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    Just as a reminder if you are interested there is a zoom meeting to discuss the publishing and the story of the new World War One military history book HANDSTREICH! For those who have attended these meetings in the past, they are recognized as a laid back discussion for an hour about the topic...
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    Too bad you were not there Bruno would have been great to see you!
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    As a voice from the past… I had lunch with James and Brian in Florida yesterday. A tremendous meeting of good old friends. And I will use that opportunity to announce our brand new book, our 7th, HANDSTREICH! It is history not helmets but considering that our last book won the Tomlinson book...
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    An opportunity to share the knowledge

    I wrote to you on Facebook as I seem to be having problems posting here. It is easy to miss this group James. not all groups are civil nor knowledgeable has this one.
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    An opportunity to share the knowledge

    As most of you know, I stopped collecting and moved entirely into the history side of things. I am the admin of a group called WWI German History. it is a Facebook group that presents daily blogs produced by the membership. it has a great deal of traffic...
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    Frank's machine gun Friday

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    Frank's machine gun Friday
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    Frank's machine gun Friday

    We have started a regular Friday feature on our daily blogs data has become incredibly popular. We are going through the machine guns one at a time. if this interests you you can see the daily blogs at the Facebook group German1914 or at the website As you know Verilog...
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    Imperial German history blogs.

    There is a Facebook group called German1914 and a page in Facebook so if you are interested in finding how out about the states that are behind your Wappen..... Today's blog is the start of the discussion about states. There was a winner of the vote...
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    Rental comparison

    Bill Thiemann is actually alive??
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    Pickelhauben Regimental Markings

    Thank you Lars.
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    Pickelhauben Regimental Markings

    What does the abbreviation Ausb. stand for? Ldst.-I.-Ausb.-Btl. Mönchen-Gladbach (VIII. 41) LANDXVIII41 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr
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    Toronto Militaria Show June 1, 2019

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    The German Failure in Belgium, August 1914

    The book was released several weeks ago and is now available on Amazon. Because of the shortsightedness or disingenuous behavior of McFarland, they only sent two review copies out that I can tell. As a result, I bought a bunch of copies and spent over $600 mailing out review copies. Postage to...
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    Toronto Militaria Show June 1, 2019

    :lol: :lol: :lol: Wait didn't we start a trade war with Canada? Something to do with tariffs – and cheese from Wisconsin? dairy products? being vegan I no longer eat those things.So I guess Canadians are okay!
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    Mint, unworn Pickelhauben with Talcum Powder

    Now that was a fantastic discussion!
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    Hessen NCO Reserve Pickehaube

    Not just limited to helmets – look at these covers! ps156 by Joe Robinson, on Flickr
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    It is finally out

    It is finally out – hallelujah. Link on Amazon.comuk. They had the manuscript for over a year trying to edit place names written...
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    New helmet, need help with markings

    Philippe as usual is quite right. This was documented long ago by Turinetti in his field guide.