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  1. cptbob

    15th Hussar Regiment Wachtmeister with his bride

    Thank you Wojtek and Steve! Looking forward to seeing some of yours Steve! Cheers Bob
  2. cptbob

    Fusilier Regt. 80 Another I G soldier 's wedding

    Very nice Steve!
  3. cptbob

    I R 92 Braunschweig

    Great photo Steve! Thanks for sharing!
  4. cptbob

    15th Hussar Regiment Wachtmeister with his bride

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Enjoy!
  5. cptbob

    Hussar Einjahrfreiwilligen

    Thank you gentlemen for the kind remarks! I love these old photos.
  6. cptbob

    Paperback verlag cavalry book?

    I've only seen it offered in hardcover. Its a great reference! Mine is constantly open
  7. cptbob

    Leib Garde Hussar Enlisted Pelzmutze

    Thanks Steve...someday I'll stumble across one...the thrill of the hunt!!
  8. cptbob

    Hussar Einjahrfreiwilligen

    Nice clear photo...Enjoy!
  9. cptbob

    Zeltbahn model 1892

    Very nice Wojtek!
  10. cptbob

    Luftstreitkräfte um 1918

    Hi Zeb, There is an aerodrome in New York that restores and flies the old WWI aircraft. I loved going there and seeing them fly. You can smell the burning oil there! LOL Cheers
  11. cptbob

    See - Batl

    Awesome Steve!!
  12. cptbob

    Uhlan Regt. 11 and Saxon Uhlan Regt. 18

    Excellent Steve! I like the unique display design of the collars and epaulettes.
  13. cptbob

    Luftstreitkräfte um 1918

    Love it! You can almost hear the engines warming up and smell the burning Castor oil.
  14. cptbob

    About the invention and introduction of the Pickelhaube in Prussia

    Superb research Sandy! Love it!
  15. cptbob

    Home Service Royal Artillery

    Very nice helmet Peter! I noticed the Victory in behind there as well. Toured the ship for the first time 5 years ago. It was like taking a pilgrimage for me! lol
  16. cptbob

    Large Jager photo Album 1910-1912

    Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing James
  17. cptbob

    115 LIR Hessois: a "Kammer" helmet facing an "Eigentum"

    Very nice Clovis. Thanks for the information!
  18. cptbob

    Luftstreitkräfte um 1918

    Very nice Zeb! You have a very impressive collection! And your photos are always well done!
  19. cptbob

    Berndorfer for the Collection

    Congratulations Peter!
  20. cptbob

    Happy Easter

    Not what you'd expect to find in an Easter egg! :ROFLMAO: