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  1. Naprawiacz

    Silver Elsass-Lothringen Helmet

    You are right Coert.I found something like this.Regards.
  2. Naprawiacz

    Silver Elsass-Lothringen Helmet

    For me this police officer helmet is good,only the kokarde do not fit me,but maybe I am wrong? Greetings Wojtek
  3. Naprawiacz


    Brain you have described it beautifully! As for the objects dug out of the ground, there is only one advice: use a brush to brush several times on the skin a solution of lanolin mixed with turpentine or petroleum spirit. Lanolin is obtained from the fat of sheep, which is deposited thickly on...
  4. Naprawiacz

    CRUSHED !!!

    Beautiful work Brian.Looks great.Regards sincerely.
  5. Naprawiacz

    Ulanen! Achtung!!!

    Impressive collection,close to my heart.Great exhibits,congratulations.
  6. Naprawiacz

    I R 92 Braunschweig

    Beautiful job!
  7. Naprawiacz

    Found while packing up at my last show!

    Very nice item.Thank you for showing it.
  8. Naprawiacz

    Colberg Grenadier Regt 9

    Beautiful photo,congratulations!I own a rucksack from this regiment,later taken over by Landwehr.Regards. Wojtek
  9. Naprawiacz

    Tennessee Military Collectors Association

    Thank you John for a great presentation.I wish I could have seen it live.
  10. Naprawiacz

    Well, here you go....for all those looking...!

    It can be done with little effort, a bit of water from a sprinkler and a dummy's head. The canopy can also be straightened. I like such things, especially when you can buy them cheaply.
  11. Naprawiacz

    Fusilier Regt. 80 Another I G soldier 's wedding

    Beautiful photo, congratulations. Best regards Wojtek
  12. Naprawiacz

    Scull for EM HR17 busby wanted...

    I recommend caution when buying from the auction house Weitze.A year ago I bought a Wehrmacht cap from him,which turned out to be a copy from the 1970s.He returned the money, but the distaste remained.
  13. Naprawiacz

    A patriotic tin box, featuring Kaiser Wilhelm II, and some others...

    A beautiful object,congratulations!
  14. Naprawiacz

    I R 92 Braunschweig

    Beautiful photo, congratulations!
  15. Naprawiacz


    Thank you beautifully for your feedback.Have a great day.
  16. Naprawiacz


    Thank you Steve for your feedback.I am adding some photos of the item you are interested in.Regards. Wojtek
  17. Naprawiacz


    Hello everyone! I have had a problem with this item for many years.This koffer has all military features including the clasp,but I am not sure if it is military? I am adding pictures to compare the civilian version.Thanks for all the answers.
  18. Naprawiacz

    15th Hussar Regiment Wachtmeister with his bride

    Beautiful photo, congratulations. Best regards Wojtek
  19. Naprawiacz

    WTB M1915 Spikebase and Removable Spike

    Link does not enter look for a dealer etc-etc2000
  20. Naprawiacz

    WTB M1915 Spikebase and Removable Spike

    The item is being auctioned off by a friend of mine.If you want I can negotiate the price with him and buy it outright,or take part in the auction.