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  1. aicusv

    America and Covid

    I'm in Pennsylvania, our system was a mess. But things have gotten better since the person responsible left the state (now working at the Federal level).
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    America and Covid

    Glad that you've been able to get the shots. But things on this side of the boarder aren't all roses. The miss management of the program here is unbelievable. There is no centralized system for scheduling appointments to get shots. So folks in the 1C class are getting shots before those...
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    Badge cap insignia

    Believe it to Italian WW2 period.
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    Reuss/Thuringian badge or nonsense?

    Pictures did not post
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    Home Service Helmet to the 59th Regiment

    What happened to the photos?
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    Welcome to the board. I only have a limited collection of Brit helmets, I've had to fight for years not o collect them as well as the German and US stuff. Did at one time time had a complete collection Of WWI Brit and Common Wealth cap badges (now long gone).
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    Three Wartime Officer helmets

    There is no signs of solder or any other type of fastener for the "button" on my helmet. The carrying case to the helmet is made so the helmet may be carried without a spike. Überzug doesn't have a spike cover, just a hole. I'm of the option it never had a spike.
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    Most of the Reserve Happen I've seen had an indentation for the cross. This could be for a Beamte Officer
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    Three Wartime Officer helmets

    How is the threaded spike post on the Bavarian attached to the base plate? I can't see any signs that this one ever had a spike.
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    Royal Navy Sailor Filmed Porn at Base!

    Too many jokes available -
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    Looking for Lee Metford

    Wouldn't mine one myself - along with M'95 Lee. Hope you find it.
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    Medic’s M1915 Adrian

    very nice
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    Noticed they all have the sleeve insignia,
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    Ulanka my love forever.

    I have to agree - best looking uniform ever. Sorry I ever sold my UR11 kit.
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    Permanently banned - what did I do?

    IP addresses are just that, an address, it is a way for a network to locate and identify a station. It is a kin to a telephone number
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    Raupenhelm m1845 MaxymilianII

    The 4 may be the size. During this same period US military sizes were 1-2-3-4 for everything.
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    Permanently banned - what did I do?

    IP address is a number that identifies a particular station to the network.