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    Hello, Check out Legacy Collectibles Firearms. There is an example listed today.
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    Hoch die Leib Husaren!

    Lovely ensemble!
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    Summer Tellermuetze

    Thanks again. I think I will try the sand paper and plastic route initially. I truly appreciate the advice!
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    Summer Tellermuetze

    Thank you for your advice. Please excuse my tardiness in responding, but I only get to this website about once each month. Would Rustoleum be okay for painting the grommet?
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    Summer Tellermuetze

    I recently acquired a nice Kaiserliche Marine sailor's white summer top Tellermuetze. I would appreciate some advice and information regarding two aspects of the cap. The cap has a round metal grommet which gives the cap a round shape. The grommet has some light rust. I do not want the grommet...
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    Imperial Navy Officer's Tropical Visor Cap

    Is this cap still available?
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    IR 55 Shoulderboards

    Thanks for the reference. Would like to get a pair, but one may be good for now ad place holder.
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    IR 55 Shoulderboards

    IR 55 shoulderboards of any type wanted.
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    IR 55 Pickelhaube

    I am looking for a wartime Pickelhaube and cover for IR 55
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    The state cockade colors of green, gold (or yellow), and black reflect the colors of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach. The grand duchy fielded the Infanterie-Regiment Grossherzog von Sachsen (5. Thueringisches) Nr. 94. The regiment was a part of the 38th Division in XI Army Corps.
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    2017 MAX Pickup

    Magnificent helmet and the enamel chip does not detract. I have been looking for one of these for a while and yours is the nicest I have seen.
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    Unloading some of my collection

    Thanks for the info about the M16 and M18 helmets.
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    Unloading some of my collection

    Hello: I am interested in the M16 and M18 helmets. Can you provide information on condition, originality of parts (including chinstrap), pricing, etc.? Thanks!
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    Mexican Officer for Major or Colonel Pickelhaube with Plume

    What a nice helmet. If you decide to sell, let me know!
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    IR 55 Reservist Stein

    Seeking an IR 55 (Westphalian Nr. 6) reservist stein in top condition.