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  1. Egerland

    Cleaning sword scabbard

    I have a chance to pick up a scabbard for a M89 saber. The photos show some rust. Does anyone have any suggestions for cleaning the inside of the scabbard? I figure that Hoppes will remove any active rust, but how do you remove the Hoppes?
  2. Egerland

    WTB Model 1889 Scabbard

    any condition - pls email [email protected]
  3. Egerland

    My father's uncle in Austrian uniform

    A family photo I got from a relative a few years ago. I included an Austrian Tapferkeitsmedaille in the grouping like the one he is wearing in the photo. From his "pips" I believe he was a Zugsfuehrer. [img=]
  4. Egerland

    Dragonerregiment 4 Kaiser Ferdinand

    Austrian, but still a very cool dragoon helmet. This was my father's uncle Franz.
  5. Egerland

    M 1893 lance point

    Looking to make a lance, as close to the M1893 as possible. IMA carried repros of these for a while, but they are out and not planning on getting more. Any suggestions would be welcome.