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  1. Tenente

    Officers Pickelhaube cockades

    Anyone here got a line on a set of officers cockades for the pickelhaube? Prussian or Bavarian .
  2. Tenente

    Schirmutz stiffener

    Hey guys, quick question. What material is out there that can replace damaged, or missing cap stiffeners?
  3. Tenente

    Looking for Silver officers chin scale strap.

    Hey all. I'm currently restoring an officers Haube, but I still need a few things. Mainly, the Officers chin scale stral and the rosettes that hold it in place. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Tenente

    Pickelhaube liner replacement

    Hello all. I recently purchased a beautiful M15. Unfortunately I put some Leather therapy in the liner and it split in a couple of areas. Is there a way to repair this? Or is there anyone that could replace the liner? Or should I just leave it with the splits and be done with it?