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  1. mauihiu

    Schneeschuh Trooper

    A fully kitted out trooper from a Schneeschuh Battalion.
  2. mauihiu

    Prussian Pioneer for Sale

    For sale is my Prussian Pioneer. Condition as pictured. Feel free to ask for additional pictures. $875.00 or BEST OFFER, plus $20.00 Priority Shipping in USA, international shipping will be at cost for Priority international, ask for quote. PM me or email at [email protected]
  3. mauihiu

    Moving My Collection

    Fellow Forum Members, Looking for your some advice. I wil be moving from Europe to Hawaii this Summer and am contemplating how to move my collection. While I am quite allright packing away steel helmets, field gear etc for the movers to take care of, my pickelhaubes are another matter. I am not...
  4. mauihiu

    Hessian Ersatz Pickelhaube

    Got this beauty saturday, My first Hessian!! Ersatz Hessian, unfortunately no markings, but clean and complete. If only I could find some more Pickelhaubes from Hesse .....the search continues!!!
  5. mauihiu

    My Morning Find

    I just picked up these this morning. Jager zu pferd, Wurttemburg, Saxon Train, Prussian Pioneer, Troppenhelm, erzatz Prussian, and Prussian Inf. Not bad for a mornings work! :D Would love to get some feedback, and I will post close ups a little later.
  6. mauihiu

    Please Help Identifying What I Think is an Uhlanen

    Just picked this picture up today and was wondering if anyone can help me identify the unit. Any help is most appreciated. Thanks Eric
  7. mauihiu


    Was anyone else there today?
  8. mauihiu

    Prussian Pioneer

    This is a helmet I picked up last month. From what I can gather it is a Pioneer helmet with silver chin scales, an associate told me it was for a 1 year volunteer or NCO candidate? Spike seems to be longer than normal and is unscewable. There is no bandeau and it has been suggested by Jim...
  9. mauihiu

    Police Helmet

    I have had a few requests to post a bystander helmet that was in my first post, a Prussian police helmet that I picked up recently.Any help in identifying what type of police etc would be greatly appreciated!! Spike screws off Cannot make out any legible markings except a pencil marking size...
  10. mauihiu

    1897 Dragoner-Mannschaftshelm

    This is my first post so please excuse any rookie mistake I make. I have been interested in Imperial militaria for years, but just got the "fever" since being stationed in Germany last year. I just pickeup up this 1897 Model Dragoon helmet form the Kube auction this past saturday. I could use...
  11. mauihiu

    Hi from Germany!

    Just wanted to introduce myself. Currently living in Germany and slowly but surely increasing my modest collection. Love the great discussions and all the beautiful helmets. Am looking forward to participating more in the future. Eric