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  1. GFMMackensen

    Paul Sanders: Author of "Imperial German Hussars 1880-1910"

    Does anyone know Mr. Sanders? His two volume book is one of my top 10 reference books. It was written in 2004. Year after year I wait for a similar book to come out on the dragoons, uhlans or kürassiers. I tried to write his publisher ,Schiffer Military History , in Atglen, PA to inquire if...
  2. GFMMackensen

    Wanted WWI Prussian Regimental Histories

    I collect Prussian regimental (infantry and calvary) histories printed from 1920 to 1943. The usual sources have apparently dried up for the time being. If any one comes across the following regiments that are available for purchase I would be very appreciative. Infantry : Grenadier Regiment...