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    M16 helmet with number stamped inside

    Possibly I.R. 189. That regiment was stood up 20 May 1915.
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    In Memory of ANZAC L/Cpl William John Crooks

    Lance Corporal William John Crooks was K.I.A. at 23 years of age. 98 years ago today. Rest in Peace William you have not been forgotten.
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    Landwehr Brigade question for Joe

    More bits to the mystery, has anyone ever figured out what Armee Korps for this Brigade? The below photo is dated on the reverse as 12 August 1916. Only the Btln. dogs are legible.
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    In Memory of ANZAC L/Cpl William John Crooks

    25 April 2014 is ANZAC Day, a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australians and New Zealanders "who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations" and "the contribution and suffering of all those who have served...
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    Unusual Saxon Wappen

    Right you are, thanks Brian!" onclick=";return false;
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    DDR Stahlhelm M1956/70

    Baer was my source Peter.
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    Unusual Saxon Wappen

    Does anybody have a photo of one of these wappen they would be willing to share with us, never saw one like this. Photo is of a man from the 5th Kompanie, Ersatz Batl., Infanterie Regiment 106 photographed in Leipzig, 16 February 1916.
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    Digital restauration and colorization of soldier's pictures

    These photos turned out terrifically Sam! :bravo:
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    K.k. Gendarme 1915

    Mark Thank you for the information, I am just seeing your response today for the first time. It is much appreciated!
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    See anything unusual?

    Argonne Thanks for the reply, this was suspected in a past thread, but never any god info until now, thank you!
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    Asians in German Uniform? Help Needed!

    Shu might know, if we were able to bring this to her attention Joe.
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    The Great War Dawning

    I ordered a book from them via credit card in mid-December, no problems, but that was almost a month ago.
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    The Great War Dawning

    I ordered a book from them via credit card in mid-December, no problems, but that was almost a month ago.
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    K.k. Gendarme 1915

    Photo of K.u.K. Gendarme Vizewachtmeister Franz Unterholzner. The 3 6-pointed stars on his collar indicate his rank of Vizewachtmeister (sergeant). He's armed with the Mannlicher Model 1890 Gendarmerie Repetier-Carabiner M1890. These carbines are also known as Österreichisches Extra-Corps-Gewehr...
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    Slonim / Rußland Sylvester 1916/1917

    That is difficult to say, but you could very well be right. The Germans entered Slonim on 18 September 1915.
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    Prosit Neujahr 1898

    Commercial postcard produced by Wilhelm Steinberg, Breslau. The soldier who mailed this greeting belonged no doubt to 9. Badisches Infanterie-Regt. Nr.170 (Offenburg, III Bn Donaueschingen) XIV Armee Korps. Prussian soldier depicted armed with Gewehr 88, next to a sentry box painted in the...
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    Herzen viel Glück und Gesundheit zum Neuen Jahr (1916)

    Photo of Reichesbahn Männer canceled in Ostrolenka, Poland on 22 December 1915. Stamped on reverse "Gepru1 Ueberwachungstelle Lorrach, XIV Armee Korps. One armed man with a side by side double barreled shotgun. The message at the reverse: Dated 22 Dezember 1915. Abß. [= Absender:] Ernst...
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    Slonim / Rußland Sylvester 1916/1917

    A group of Alte Armee officers celebrating New Year's Eve 1916. On the reverse: Honim [?] / Rußland Sylvester 1916/17 N.
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    Silvesterabend 1917

    A dug out or bunker chorus celebrating Silvesterabend, New Year's Eve 1917. On the reverse: Zum Andenken an den Silvesterabend 1917. Memento of New Year's Eve 1917.
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    Prosit-Neujahr 1918

    Happy New Year 1918. Happy New Year 2014 to All!