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    RIR 107

    Hello, My New purchase 107 RIR helmet in mint condition. Stamp for sharing. Cocarde were adhered to the helmet. Pp
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    Ostasiatiche brigade

    hi I have not been here in a while. so, today i want to talk about Ostasiatiche brigade and especialy about shako. could somebody tell me if a MGA featured in the task organization of this corps? if "yes" what type of shako wore their soldiers? Guard soldiers in this corps still have a stern...
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    1st GRZF MITRE

    before making a costly mistake, I want to consult the experts on the forum ... I was offered a miter model 94 is complete with its ponpon and chinstraps. The pediment has to be in maillechort or silver plated brass ?????? what other details to look?? thanks alot for your help pp
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    OJR 91, help

    good evening everybody, i'm near to conclude the purchase of an EM OJR helmet, but i've never seen this position for a unit mark is it possible to find rgt stamp three-quarter rear vertical inside the helmet ???? sorry, but i have no picture.....thank for your help pp
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    helmet of the French Republican Guard

    hello, I sell this helmet,... 1900 USD.... [/url][/img] [/url][/img] email me for details [email protected] thanks pp
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    rank of bands leaders

    I have an helmet of a IR 119 band leader...the base spike is mounted with an officer helmet...a friend of mine told me that in some regiments bad leader have rank of officers. 1 GZF = MAJOR 119 IR and 26 dragoon = captain thanks for yours answers pp
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    buttons and rosettes ....

    Does somebody knows if the color of uniform buttons is in connection with the color rosettes on helmets? Examples: IR 119, gilt buttons = gilt rosettes IR 109 silver buttons = silver rosettes this rule isn't true with infantry hessian helmets... pp
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    a new site for pickelhaube !!!!

    hello, a new site for pickelhaube in french :lol: regards pp
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    oldenbourg helmet ????

    hello from france, could somebody say me which is this type of helmet :-? ???? and its price ??? it would be about an oldenbourg model 1857 for non commissioned officer... all the parts are of silver plated color... only “A” crowned is...
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    regimental mark

    hello, can somebody inform me about this marking??? it was find on a mod.15 helmet without its plate, but the spacing of the holes makes me think about Saxon or bavrian helmet ????? :eek: thanks pierrick
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    2 GD

    hello everybody !!!! I thank all those which make share their knowledge on the forum… here one of the helmets of my small collection… thank you for this exceptional site... a question, which is the price for an officer helmet of infantry???? another photograph with next the post... sorry for my...
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    how do i change my username ???

    we can change everything in the user profile, except our username... can i change it??? pppara