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  1. Peter_Suciu

    Toronto Militaria Show April 2, 2022

    Looking at the Canadian Universal Pattern helmet (the white sun helmet) I'd need to see the inside. I'm thinking that one is an early badge on a reproduction helmet sadly aged up. I've seen such helmets at nearly every Toronto Show. Someone has rare badges and dresses up a latter helmet. The...
  2. Peter_Suciu

    Toronto Militaria Show April 2, 2022

    Brian, you're killing me with these photos. We had seriously considered making the trip from Michigan, but decided that we'd wait until the next one. We weren't sure if the show would have been any good and didn't want to deal with crossing the border. Now from the photos it would have been...
  3. Peter_Suciu

    Inflation to Hyperinflation

    I doubt we'll see hyperinflation, but instead will likely see a prolonged period of high inflation, which will likely lead to a recession. The people who have the most wealth have the means to ensure we don't reach a level of hyperinflation, as it would impact them whereas the high inflation and...
  4. Peter_Suciu

    ATF and Valentine's Day: Report Your Ex!

    FYI: ATF Called For Americans To Report Former Partners On Valentine's Day
  5. Peter_Suciu

    Out of shape and looking for a way to get some exercise.

    I had brought one of my road bikes to Show Of Shows last summer (boy I'd love to see the show in the summer just to be able to do that every year). I rode each morning before the show. You can cross the Ohio River over a former railroad bridge near downtown and there is a lovely path on the...
  6. Peter_Suciu

    Out of shape and looking for a way to get some exercise.

    Gus, maybe 6 to 8 hours on a stationary bike is what you need.
  7. Peter_Suciu

    Our Fearless Leader is injured

    8 hours? Gus, something is wrong... riders in the Tour de France are on their bikes for eight hours only in the longest stages. As a serious cyclist I can't imagine riding eight hours daily - stationary bike or not. Brian-- make sure you don't have a PT like the one Gus had!
  8. Peter_Suciu

    Our Fearless Leader is injured

    Rival droogs?
  9. Peter_Suciu

    In Just FOUR Weeks...

    Amy, I do hope you can make it in 2023.
  10. Peter_Suciu

    In Just FOUR Weeks...

    ... Show of Shows will be over.
  11. Peter_Suciu

    SOS 2022 February 24-26th

    I will be there. I plan to arrive early Wednesday.
  12. Peter_Suciu

    Use Of The Word ‘Wounded’ Debated After Footage Of Armor With Cannonball Hole Went Viral

    Use Of The Word ‘Wounded’ Debated After Footage Of Armor With Cannonball Hole Went Viral
  13. Peter_Suciu

    Help needed to ID Adrian Helmet

    It may have been refurbished for use in the Spanish Civil War. I've certainly seen some French M15 "Adrian" helmets that were repainted mustard brown for use by the Republican forces.
  14. Peter_Suciu

    4 Ways the U.S. Military Celebrates Christmas

    4 Ways the Military Celebrates the Holidays and how NORAD began to track Santa
  15. Peter_Suciu

    Peter Jackson's Collection

    Well, I think Peter Jackson has all beat:
  16. Peter_Suciu

    Need a Replica Horse?

    For those who want to complete a cavalry display: Not eBay. But it is a full-sized replica horse.
  17. Peter_Suciu

    U.S. Navy Culinary Specialists Will Be Busy Today!

    Who serves those who serve in the U.S. Military? This year "culinary specialists" in the U.S. Navy are getting ready with an estimated 79,000 pounds of roast turkey, 23,000 pounds of stuffing, 38,000 pounds of mashed potatoes, 18,000 pounds of sweet potatoes, 5,400 pounds of cranberry sauce...
  18. Peter_Suciu

    Rare French ersatz helmet

    Well, if you're way behind the lines but want to look like one of the troops, a felt helmet will do the job.
  19. Peter_Suciu

    History buff builds 100-metre replica World War One trench in British wood

    I'd love to do this but alas I live the suburbs. Still would be easier than when I lived on the 19th floor of a Manhattan high rise!
  20. Peter_Suciu

    Serbia restores warship that fired first shots of World War One

    BELGRADE (Reuters) -Serbia has finally recalled to service as a floating museum a warship that fired the first shots that began World War One, following years of lobbying from navy ship enthusiasts who wanted it restored. The SMS Bodrog was one of two Austro-Hungarian heavy gunboats that sailed...