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  1. marty

    Origin Overview Wappen and Shoulderstraps, yr help plse.

    Mid 1970, as I switched from WW2 helmets over to Pickelhaubes, my late uncle (a huge Napoleon Bonaparte admirer) gave me those 4 copies for a start. He, himself had 4 sheets of bleuprinted cardboard but unfortunately, he died in 1977, so I never knewn. Has someone any idea about the origin of...
  2. marty

    Two M15 Artillery helmets on a sunny Afternoon.

    My two favorite haubes, the only artillery helmets in my possession. They give me a big smile every day😊. Purchased both at the end of 1970, doing a summer job to get those unique haubes. Fyi, M15 Wurtt has no markings. Bregards, Marty
  3. marty

    My Bavarian items.

    Original 'Reichskokarde' of the right helmet was missing and replaced by an ordinary rosette. At that time, a Jäger Shako was out of reach to me, but got the Jäger Mütze (as it was) by chance. Could someone complete the marking inside (1st J.Btn?) Thanks+bregards, Marty
  4. marty

    Your Help plse.

    I'm not into uniforms, so can someone inform me about those epaulettes, thank you.
  5. marty

    A minor Baden set.

    Can't compete with the amazing and outstanding Baden-collections on this forum, but at least, feel very happy to have one Baden haube. See detail chope: a miniature plaque LGR109. Bregards, Marty
  6. marty

    Le grand Salon des Antiquités Militaires à EPERNAY (France) dd. 23.01.2022

    For collector members in Europe, is abovementionned 'Salon' a four hour drive from Belgium worthwhile and what can I expect? In France, I only paid visits to museums but never been at a local Bourse or a Salon Militaires. Thanks+regards, marty
  7. marty

    Hello from Brugge (Bruges) Belgium.

    Dear All, finally made it! Promised Brain some (long) time to introduce myself on this great forum. I'm a non active collector, was lucky to swop or trade pickelhaubes during the eighties. This resulted in a small collection (still in the flesh) of non officier pickelhaubes and some 'wappen'...