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    2 quick questions

    Hello Gentlemen i just have two questions 1. how do you pronunce YPRES is it epre, epress, yyiprees and 2. is it my imagination or are the shapes of the british brody helmets slightly different, some appear to have a flatter helmet bowl almost with a more narrow brim some look to be more round...
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    American picklehaube

    Gentleman i'm sure there is a thread on this subject in the archives. Maybe someone could shed some light on this for me i understand there was an American picklehaube for a few short years for parade dress only ? Is it true it fell out of favor when the franco-prussian war started? they must be...
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    1915 picklehaube

    First off i have to say again... this is a great hobby. I'm really enjoying reading about these helmets i'm starting to narrow down what i would like to get. I was wondering if anyone could elaborate on the 1915 metal picklehaubes that were made by the utensil companys are they common? are they...
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    new member introduction

    Good Afternoon Everyone, My name is Steve Marciante. As I had mentioned to Mr. Loree as i just recently got obsessed with the picklehaube lo and behold a website forum dedicated to just that. Fantastic. I have always been interested in WW1 but on a recent trip to Bavaria last October i decided...