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  1. Liongules

    125th Anniversary of the Death of King Ludwig II of Bavaria

    I just saw this article on a monarchist site concerning the outdoor Mass that was held back on June 13 near the spot where King Ludwig II drowned to mark the 125th anniversary of his death."...
  2. Liongules

    A new Dwyer in the world!

    My newest grandson, Ash Michael Taplin Dwyer, was born this morning at 4:31 a.m. Mother and baby are doing fine.
  3. Liongules

    Fantastic Uniform

    I don't know how many of you belong to the Gentlemen's Military Interest Club, but there is a stunning uniform on display there. An immaculate KAGGR officer's uniform that looks almost like it just left the tailor's shop...
  4. Liongules

    The Order of the Black Eagle Today

    There have been discussions concerning the wearing and awarding of orders by former ruling houses. Some believe the orders ceased to exist upon the overthrow of the monarchy, others believe that if it's a house order, as opposed to a governmental order, then the order belongs to the house itself...
  5. Liongules

    R.I.P. Archduke Otto von Habsburg

    The crown prince of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, Archduke Otto von Habsburg, the eldest son of the last reigning emperor, Kaiser Karl, died today at the age of 98. He was the last knight of a golden age.
  6. Liongules

    Kaiser is gone!

    Tony, I don't know what to say! I'm very, very sorry to hear this. It brought tears to my eyes. Goodbye my little friend
  7. Liongules

    Not German, but interesting

    For those interested in orders of chivalry, His Highness the Maharaja of Dhrangadhra-Halvad, KCIE, passed away August 1 at the age of 87. He was the last of the Indian princes who ruled their own states prior to India becoming independent in 1947. He was also the last living knight commander of...
  8. Liongules

    A little music and pickelhaubes

    Yesterday was my birthday and an old high school friend I haven't seen in over 42 years wished me a happy birthday on Facebook. He seems to have remembered I liked military uniforms and such, because he attached links to two videos to his birthday wisheds. He's of Swedish descent, so he sent...
  9. Liongules

    Hey, Tony, did you see these shoulder boards?

    Tony, Did you see this shoulder board collection posted on Wehrmacht Awards Forum?
  10. Liongules

    Missing Avatar

    My avatar is gone, and I don't seem to be smart enough to figure out how to replace it!
  11. Liongules

    Garde-Fussartillerie-Regiment Pickelhaube

    Over on WAF there is a rather interesting helmet from the 4th Battery, Garde-Fussartillerie-Regiment with the Garde wappen and the Colberg 1807 banner.
  12. Liongules

    Some nice Swedish pickelhaubes with music and the king!

    I happened to run across this video clip on YouTube and thought others might find it entertaining. Very sharp band, nice uniforms and 'haubes. A nice little evening performance for the royal family.
  13. Liongules

    Happy Birthday, Kaiser Wilhelm

    Happy 150th birthday, Kaiser Wilhelm II, 27 January 1859 - 27 January 2009.
  14. Liongules

    God bless all who served!

    I just got back from attending my local Veteran's Day parade and I wanted to say thank you and God bless to all our members who have served, or are serving, in the armed forces of their respective countries. My wife, daughter and I were standing on the sidewalk watching the parade. I was...
  15. Liongules

    My most faithful friend has passed away

    My miniature Pomeranian, Minnie, passed away this morning shortly before breakfast. She was 17. My wife and I had bought her as a gift for my mother-in-law when she was dying of cancer. She then became my father-in-law's dog until he passed away eleven years ago and she became mine. I miss...
  16. Liongules

    Help needed on WAF concerning a Imperial cloth cap

    There's a thread on WAF where a member from France has was appears to be an Imperial German cap with Prussian reserve insignia on it. I couldn't find any color combination on Kaiser's Bunker that matched it. Perhaps someone here can help...
  17. Liongules

    Brunswick Death's Head Landwehrman?

    On the Wehrmacht Awards Forum a member has posted a photo and asked questions about it that perhaps someone from here with more knowledge than I could answer. It's located at Basically it's a photo of a...
  18. Liongules

    Venturing out into the world

    Not necessarily a bit thing, but today I visited two classes at a local high school that had just begun studying WW1. I had told the teacher some time ago about my Imperial postcard collection. I took along my two 3-ring binders full of postcards and my small medal collection. I was only...
  19. Liongules

    Bavarian Regimental Shooting Prize

    I just received this beautiful 5th place shooting prize to an Infantrist Hirner of the 11th company of Kgl. Bayer. 20. Infanterie-Regiment Prinz Rupprecht in 1910 (photos from the seller).
  20. Liongules

    A young looking general

    I recently purchased this postcard of Generalleutnant Paul von Kneußl, later Paul Ritter von Kneußl. Besides it being a nice postcard, I thought he looked awfully young to be a general.