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  1. Raiseth

    Artillery Sight

    Hello: I should be more knowledgeable as I did spend six years in Royal Artillery. On Honest John missile though. Anyone know what I bought? the ebay link is below. Thanks all. I also bought my first...
  2. Raiseth

    WW1 Steel Helmet:

    Hello: I'm looking to trade a WW1 Iron Cross 1st Class for a Steel WW1 M16 Helmet. Sorry, I will only trade with long time registered users of this site. Anyway, anyone have a fully complete helmet willing to trade for a Erste klasse Eisern Kreuz mit Ribbon, please email me, here or at...
  3. Raiseth

    My Uberzug:

    Hello: I am taking a stab at using imageshack and put my meager collection on it along with an Uberzug I just bought. Probably paid too much for it but I 'need' to have at least one. I only have (5) helmets and collect mostly books, documents, particularly to do with POWs as I spend (4)...
  4. Raiseth

    Why so high?

    Does this helmet come with gold bricks? I have no idea why it is selling for so much and maybe I am missing something in the pictures.
  5. Raiseth

    Kaiser's Hofmarschall in 1929?

    Hello everyone: Bill and I'm still here. Does anyone have a list of Kaiser W's Hofmarschalls at Huis Doorn? I think I asked this before. I have a letter from Doorn signed by the Marschall and I can't read the signature. I realise a lot of volunteers went with the Kaiser over the years and...
  6. Raiseth


    Anyone ever seen a picture of a Stahlem on backwards? This illustration is interesting and I wonder if it was intentional. 6611806097 ebay number. Thanks, Bill (in Maryland)
  7. Raiseth

    EK Medals?

    Anyone know how many EK1 & II's were awarded? EKIIs were a 'Gedunk' Medal (Navy slang for freebie). Thanks all, Bill (Working late in Maryland)...
  8. Raiseth

    Iron Crosses:

    I have four II Class and what I hope is an original I Class. Were these all magnetic? The 1st class has 800 stamping on the pin and appears to be German silver (low quality) it is also magnetic. There is a 'blob' type marking also on the pin but is unreadable. If anyone has any links to Iron...