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  1. RedCy

    Chinese officers in German army

    Well done research. Thank you for posting these pictures.
  2. RedCy

    Chinese officers in German army

    Siam plate would have an elephant it’s design. I have not seen any military or civil insignia from Siam with dragon. But I can not say that I have seen all. Having said this, few princes from Siam when the country was called Siam, were educated in Germany. There are pictures of Thai royal...
  3. RedCy

    Chinese officers in German army

    Wappen on the helmet is unique. It looks like a dragon but hard to determine because of the angle.
  4. RedCy

    What is this?

    Hello Skipper John, Condition of shell and painting is superb. I doubt this is a period item or even post war unless it has been repainted in last few days. I would pass unless it is full of ”good stuff”.
  5. RedCy

    Offizierkorps of the Jäger-Regiment zu Pferde Nr. 2

    Hello Herr MLO, These are very desirable photos. I did not know polished helmets were against regulation for military parades.
  6. RedCy

    Could I have Your Thoughts On This Please

    Is this a police helmet? Why spike is not fluted?
  7. RedCy

    Pickelhaube Cabinet

    Very well organized - grouping of items is very pleasing….
  8. RedCy

    Officier Gardes du Corps. Named, from a noblehousemember.

    Dear Collectors, We have to be very careful with buying anything that we can not physically inspect. I have seen first hand put together helmets that cries fake from well known characters in this hobby that consider themselves experts and advisor to museums…..ask for right to inspect and...
  9. RedCy

    Why so expensive?....ebay item # 6612665417

    There was a question posted during the auction about the front plate and the answer was Koeing not Fuerst (spl....).!!!! Can any of the experts explain why this helmet was sold for high $? ebay item # 6612665417 or...
  10. RedCy


    Otto, I looked at it again. I agree all the problems that was mentioned above. I was on the run and did not spend that much time on this one.
  11. RedCy

    BRUNSWICK HUSSAR This one looks very good but I think the fangschnur is a new addition. Rgds, Cyrus
  12. RedCy

    Plummed Prssn Gen!!!

    Please check this out: Seems like the plume was trimmed in the front/forehead. Also, another helmet from the same seller...
  13. RedCy

    Unknown Helm

    This is 2nd Garde Dragoon helmet. Happy new year! Cy
  14. RedCy

    Hessian FAR 25 officers waffenrock

    Dave, This is an excellent tunic, and very rare. :shock:
  15. RedCy

    Ze dream vil kum tru!

    Tony, This is really good. I think this process has already started in Sacramento, CA!! Cy
  16. RedCy

    Landgendarmerie with pine apple and curley bow tie

    Joe, Seems like the rossets are attached through screws. I have seen this on older helmets (1860s). But it also seems like the front plate is really good shape as far as aging in comparison to the spike and scales!!!
  17. RedCy

    Landgendarmerie with pine apple and curley bow tie

    While ago there was a very good discussion on various types of gernadier plates on this forum. I think this is an interesting helmet Please check it out. C
  18. RedCy

    Wurttemberg Forever...

    Dave, This is really neat. I have never seen a royalty helmet with white covered visors. They are mostly the typical green and red. C
  19. RedCy

    Another busby but this one is .....
  20. RedCy

    Andreas Thies

    This place primarily deals with high end medals and they carry helmets as well. C