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  1. Chip Minx


    I'm generally not into imperial paper documents, though like most collectors of the era, I have some award documents, Militärpaß, Soldbücher, etc. I do, however, like to look at everything and I was browsing and found this Militärpaß. It caught my eye because it was from I.R.124, a...
  2. Chip Minx

    Bavarian M16 Enlisted Cap Cockade

    I'm looking for a Bavarian enlisted/NCO prong backed cockade of the 1916 pattern with the larger blue center. I have a 1918 dated Bavarian Einheitsmütze, that had this cockade, which popped off the cap when the solder gave out. I'm not sure if it can be reattached without damaging the paint on...
  3. Chip Minx

    Lost/Stolen KS98 Bayonet

    A friend of mine in Europe has asked that I post this message regarding a lost or stolen German KS 98 bayonet that was recently sent from South Africa to Germany and has disappeared. I am including a photo of the unit markings. This is a rare bayonet and if it surfaces, I would appreciate a...
  4. Chip Minx

    Photo Help

    Hello everyone, Does anyone had a good clear copy of this photo? I know it has been shown on the Internet before and I believe that it has come out of the photographic collection of the Imperial War Museum. The original shots are crystal clear and sharp. This is one of a series of photos of...
  5. Chip Minx

    Seeking M.Daut

    My name has been linked with that of Marshall Daut for years due to my participation in the making of his five hour set of tapes "Field Grey Uniforms of Imperial Germany 1907-1918". I have been getting requests off and on for copies of these tapes. I have not been in contact with Marshall since...
  6. Chip Minx

    Filzhelmet Photos being sold on Ebay!

    Hey Joe Robinson, I have not had time to check over the forum here, but on the German Feldgrau forum they are talking about an item on Ebay that features a picture of an Ersatz helmet that was lifted from your article on the subject. I'm sure you know by now, but just in case you haven't seen...
  7. Chip Minx

    Saxon Cockades

    Hello, Someone is trying to tell me that there is no such thing as a serrated edge Saxon Pickelhaube cockade. I had always thought that they started making them during the war. Here is an example which I have had since the mid-1970s. It looks perfect to me. Can anyone site any regulations...
  8. Chip Minx

    Bavarian Military Merit Order

    This showed up at our yearly local military show. It was dirt cheap. The guy thought the bronze version of the award was the higher class because it had a crown on it! It has a few dings, but not all the way through, so it's not that noticeable. It's a beauty and the highest grade of an order...
  9. Chip Minx

    Helmet Covers

    Just sold on ebay last week, I believe, a very nice issue helmet cover (6612666218) with red numbers "99" on the front, ink marked nicely inside to the same unit and including a soldier's personal Etikett, also unit marked. With a few small fray spots, the condition was generally good. It sold...
  10. Chip Minx

    SOS News

    Well, unfortunately, I am not at the SOS, but I did have a nice related experience Tuesday night as Gus and Maggie stopped overnight in Kansas City on their way east. It was a pleasure to spend three hours visiting and getting to know them. I had admired Gus' sense of humor since joining the...
  11. Chip Minx

    Show Find

    Not my find (I missed it by about 10 minutes :oops: ), but just to confirm to you all that there are still bargains out there to be found. Today, at a local militaria show at Ft.Leavenworth, Kansas, a fellow collector bought a prewar silver trim dragoon helmet for $65.00. It was complete with...
  12. Chip Minx


    James, Have you got any issue swords lying around? There are a few I am looking for. Chip