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  1. RedCy

    Why so expensive?....ebay item # 6612665417

    There was a question posted during the auction about the front plate and the answer was Koeing not Fuerst (spl....).!!!! Can any of the experts explain why this helmet was sold for high $? ebay item # 6612665417 or...
  2. RedCy

    BRUNSWICK HUSSAR This one looks very good but I think the fangschnur is a new addition. Rgds, Cyrus
  3. RedCy

    Plummed Prssn Gen!!!

    Please check this out: Seems like the plume was trimmed in the front/forehead. Also, another helmet from the same seller...
  4. RedCy

    Landgendarmerie with pine apple and curley bow tie

    While ago there was a very good discussion on various types of gernadier plates on this forum. I think this is an interesting helmet Please check it out. C
  5. RedCy

    Another busby but this one is .....
  6. RedCy

    Andreas Thies

    This place primarily deals with high end medals and they carry helmets as well. C
  7. RedCy


    Is this really wiemar period?,1&item=6579805963&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
  8. RedCy

    One Size Fits All

    We now have one size fits all bases trichther with reall horse hair!!!
  9. RedCy

    New posts have white marking!

    All the new posts show up with white markings on the side!! Is this a site issue or my pc? Thanks, C
  10. RedCy

    Question for shako experts

    Almost all the references indicate that shakos (Jager, flying battalions, and etc) come with flat scales. I saw a nice Bavarian shako on Herman Historica's latest auction with convex scale. What is correct?
  11. RedCy

    Swedish Dragons Officer Spiked Helmet

    This is an excellent Swedish dragons spiked helmet. Front plate of this helmet is very nice with deep blue enamel plate and Swedish coat of arm. This helmet comes with removable spike. Chin scales are complete with the buckle. Exterior is in very good and solid shape. Back spine has dark patina...
  12. RedCy

    Pickelhaube Fürstentum Lippe Detmold Offizier ca. 1910 Please check this out. I thought Lippe officer wore Prussian eagle. Cyrus