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  1. bcalkins

    Real or Fake III

    Hi, Here is the last of three I am reviewing here on the forum. Please see the other two in the "everything pickelhaubes" discussion. I don't know enough to give my friend in Italy an informed opinion. Please help with advice on originality and value. Thanks!
  2. bcalkins

    Real or Fake II

    Hi, Here is the second of three pieces my friend in Italy needs advice on. Real? Fake? Value? Please see see his last item in general topics. Thanks!
  3. bcalkins

    Real or fake? A friend needs help 1

    Hi, I have a friend in Italy who is asking my advice on originality and value for this helmet. This is ousting my wheelhouse so I am seeking help from y'all. Please see two other items he wants opinions on (originality and value). One on this board and one in general topics. Thanks!
  4. bcalkins

    FELDKAPPE - Cloth Headgear of the Austro-Hungarian Army

    FELDKAPPE Cloth Headgear of the Austro-Hungarian Army A NEW second edition that includes two additional chapters with 18 new photos! Just in time for the World War One centennial, FELDKAPPE explores the unique history of cloth headgear worn by the Austro-Hungarian army. One of the most...
  5. bcalkins

    Need help finding WWI German ski troops cap

    Does anyone know a collector who owns an original WWI German ski troops cap? I'm looking to get photos. Bavaria or Wurttemberg, does not matter as long as it's authentic. Thanks in advance for any leads.
  6. bcalkins

    WWI Austro-Hungarian caps

    Hi, Let's all your AH caps. I'll start the ball rolling with a few. At the suggestion of Gus, I'm trying to post for the first time...let's hope it works.