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  1. b.loree

    Pickel haube Württemberg?

    I have seen these helmets with unlined visors before…no red or green cloth glued to the leather. I always thought that this was an economy type of helmet. Although, how much money could be saved by not having the visors lined? I have no idea. I agree that we are having some language problems...
  2. b.loree

    Danish shako?

    I can not provide any information but that piece screams “quality “ and is in excellent condition.
  3. b.loree

    Braunschweig Hussar Regiment Nr 17 EN Project

    That is an excellent grouping! Congratulations,well done.👍
  4. b.loree

    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    Thanks to all for their kind comments. Steve, the two brads seen on the outside of the spine have their prongs bent back and soldered to the underside of the spine which is unusual. Then, there are two additional prongs soldered to the spine which actually pierce the shell and are bent back over...
  5. b.loree

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Very nice helmet Amy! Congratulations.
  6. b.loree

    CCJ collection

    Wow!! It is so amazing, that these pieces have survived in such great condition! Thanks for this post Charles. (y)
  7. b.loree

    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    CCJ: It is now part of the Hessen family of helmets in my personal collection. The 5th member of this family actually and one which I never thought that I would own. However, at age 70 I realize that we all have to sell our collections in the end.
  8. b.loree

    13th Uhlan Regiment enlisted with shooting cord

    Another excellent photo! Thanks for posting Bob.
  9. b.loree

    Happy Canada day

    That victory and Canada’s outstanding performance in WW1 were key to the gradual achievement of total independence from Great Britain.
  10. b.loree

    Prussian Feldzeichen for enlisted Husaren Busby

    No surprise at the fast sale as these rarely become available.
  11. b.loree

    Happy Canada day

    Much appreciated Louis! 👍
  12. b.loree

    First attempt at a helmet restoration

    For my 2 cents Steve, I would leave it as is. The missing black finish and rusty red colour indicate “red rot”, where all of the natural, original oils in the leather have dried out. The strap will be very soft and delicate, shedding red dust to the touch.
  13. b.loree

    Alte kameraden

    Very good Zeb, now I understand. 👍 Still, an excellent period photo to go with your other pieces.
  14. b.loree

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Great to see, that some of the family members of Karel’s amazing collection have found good homes where they will be respected and taken care of. 👍
  15. b.loree

    Badois helmets impacted

    Excellent!! 👍👍👍. Two very cool examples of why the M15 haube with removable spike top was developed! Obviously, the shooter aimed at the spike hoping that his bullet would strike the soldat wearing the pickelhaube!
  16. b.loree

    Armband for maneuvers

    Very rare! So, is this an example of an early maneuver band which Lacarde states damaged officer helmets with its brass hooks? As a result, they went for the more common DRP officer uberzug with no hooks and cardboard visor inserts??
  17. b.loree

    Alte kameraden

    Incredible! So just to be clear Zeb…. the helme and canteen shown, belong to the soldat in the photo?
  18. b.loree

    Two Helmets From Singapore

    Over the years, Amy has sent me several helmets to work on. Here are the latest...Garde M15 tschako and a Prussian Feld Artillery helmet. Both of these helmets need some refinish work. This situation with most of the finish on the front visor missing is very unusual, I have not seen this...
  19. b.loree

    Feld Arty Regt 61 Hessen Up Dated 2021

    I think that Sandy has finally nailed it. Thank you for all your work Sandy! 👍
  20. b.loree

    Band of the Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leib-Regiment

    Now, that is an excellent photo which captures a “moment in time “! 👍