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    New Wurttemberg

    Peter You have a very nice addition to your pickelhaube collection. Best regards John
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

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    Thoughts on Wurttemberg Pickelhaube

    Heck ya! it is a fantastic price if it is the one you posted on the latest finds! Best regards, John
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    Pickel haube Württemberg?

    K Welcome to the forum, and thank you for sharing the pictures of your Württemberg Pickelhaube and its accompanying uniform. Is there an identification on the helmet or tunic of the former owner? Best regards, John
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    M1915 Prussian FsAR18

    I am not a Kugelhaube yet; however, I might make an exception if I could find one in this condition and with unit identification. Thank for posting John
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    Happy Canada day

    Belated Happy Canada 🇨🇦 Day to all my friends in the Great White North! John For those too young to remember:
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    Hussar, Always good to have new blood. You can learn a lot from the knowledgeable folks on this forum. Best regards John
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    Looking for a Baden Cockade

    Looking good, like it should 👍🏻
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    Waffenrock Chevaulegers-Regt 2

    Wojtek As always, you find out standing items and do some awesome fabulous restoration. Thank you for sharing. Best regards John
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    Garde Fusilier Regt. Oberletnant

    John Awesome coat and helmet, is either of them identified? Thanks for posting. Best regards John
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    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    WOW, Sandy, your translation provides an excellent opportunity to compare the different Old German Scripts, and it provides another chapter in Bolze's life. Besides getting married on 20 October 1920, Alexander and Gertrud Bolze's requested a divorce on 21 April 1936, and a city official...
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    IR 92 Bat. I & II

    Ed, I cannot add more to what others have already said about your helmets. WOW! Excellent collection and photographs, and thank you so much for posting. John
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    Officer Pickelhaube Infantry Regiment "Lübeck" (3rd Hanseatic) No. 162

    I was surprised that the white underlay was in pristine condition; I do not think this strap has ever been on a uniform. John
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    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    Steve, Dennis, et al., I have been remiss in not sharing the additional information about Gefreiter Alexander Bolze. He survived the war, the upheavals that occurred in German and Berlin. Former Gefreiter Bolze, of the GFR, married in 1920. Based on the online marriage records, I learned that...
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    Officer Pickelhaube Infantry Regiment "Lübeck" (3rd Hanseatic) No. 162

    Coert, Thank you very much for the comment. This helmet is by far the nicest I have owned, and adding a few era items tells the pickelhaube's story a bit better. Best regards, John
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    Officer Pickelhaube Infantry Regiment "Lübeck" (3rd Hanseatic) No. 162

    Here is an update; I had a chance to pick up a Leutant No. 162 Inf Shoulderboard to go with the Luebeck Pickelhaube and medals. Enjoy, John
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    Enlisted M95 Garde Grenadier pickelhaube.

    Coert, Fantastic addition to your collection. Thank you for sharing the photos. Best regards John
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    PB 11 M95 helmet.

    Coert, I’m glad you’re haube has arrived and in great condition. I look forward to seeing it with the rest of your collection. Best regards John
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    Bait and Switch on ePay

    Tony To be honest, I didn’t figure out it was you pictures just amazed at the switch to a totally different helmet In the next photos. Thank you for attempting to set things right. However, I have little hope that ePay will allow anything to get in the way of profit. Best regards John
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    Saxon 17th Uhlan colored

    Bob, Thanks for the colorful look into the past. Best regards, John