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  1. coert65

    Waffenmeister helmet

    Excellent helmet Steve! Did you get the one from Randy at AOK, or the other one? I saw the one Randy had for sale go very quick! Congratulations, Coert !
  2. coert65

    Hessian L G I R 115

    Karel would be very proud that this helmet is now with you in your collection Steve. (y)
  3. coert65

    What do you guys think of this felt ?

    Did you buy it Matthew? It went for only $255, so relatively cheap.
  4. coert65

    Pair of epaulettes for Dragoon Regt 26

    Very nice Steve! Congratulations, Coert.
  5. coert65

    Hessian L G I R 115

    Excellent helmet Steve! The photo's are great too! Regards, Coert.
  6. coert65

    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    Congratulations Zeb! An excellent Bavarian Pionier ersatz helmet. Does it have any markings? Regards, Coert.
  7. coert65

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    Yes, I saw that one too. Indeed a Prussian Feldmütze marked like that.
  8. coert65

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    Indeed, it does! But it has a Prussian wappen on it, and no double holes..
  9. coert65

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    My thoughts exactly Bruno. I saw the M15 in person, it has a spike which hasn't got the bayonet verschluss on it. Kokarden are original, as is the chinstrap. All fittings on it are in my opinion period correct. And it has no double holes for the wappen. Dries had it as a birthday present from...
  10. coert65

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    Hello Dries, On the left side of the rear visor is a little square stamp with F in it. The F stands for feldbrauchbar, this is why I thought it was repaired, and fit for use at the front again. The stamp on the right side, 3Btr, I never saw before, but made me think it was Artillery once. The...
  11. coert65

    Pickelhaube renovation

    Excellent work again Wojtek! You can sure work miracles with these old and in need of help Pickelhaubes.. A true craftsman! Best regards, Coert.
  12. coert65

    French médical collection

    I admire your 3 collections! These are really museum worthy. It must have taken you ages to accomplish this! Regards, Coert. (y)
  13. coert65


    I fully agree. When I was growing up, me and some friends went to a wood nearby, to build platforms in trees there, so we could see other friends approaching us. Always busy doing crazy things, like building cabins later on, up in those same trees, or excavating tunnels, with an underground...
  14. coert65

    American médical collection

    What an astounding collection of medical items! It must have taken quite a lot of years to accumulate it all. Very nice, thanks for sharing it! Regards, Coert. (y)
  15. coert65

    Bavarian Trench Art

    Very nice Peter! Your display looks fine too like that. :) Regards, Coert.
  16. coert65

    Prussian Pionier reserve officer M95.

    Thanks for the nice comments friends. It is appreciated! The helmet has arrived today, I'm very happy with it. Just rearranged my collection (again). ;) Regards, Coert.
  17. coert65

    Prussian Pionier reserve officer M95.

    Thanks Wojtek! (y) When I saw it for sale, I just had to have it, I really like the Pionier helmets! And especially Awes marked helmets in general, this is my first Awes helmet.
  18. coert65

    Prussian Pionier reserve officer M95.

    My latest addition to my collection, a Pionier reserve officer M95. It is on it's way to me, tomorrow it will arrive at my house, according to our Postal system. It has the Mit gott für konig und vaterland bandeau, which it really shouldn't, but I saw several helmets which did, also on Amy's...
  19. coert65


    I recieved E-mail from Steve yesterday, saying he's okay, and just is taking a break now. He read this topic, and reacted personally to me.
  20. coert65

    Fake or Real

    Well, I see nothing authentic on this one. I would leave this one well alone, it's a fake, and a bad one at that. Regards, Coert.