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  1. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Makers of busbies

    My M15 is makers marked and dated; Herm.Flohr, Cöln 1916. This maker also made leather equipment for the army ( belts,straps ect.)
  2. 2nd.Leibhusar

    1.Leibhusaren Regiment

    You are so right, they are the most wonderfull uniforms of that era ! And what a great ensemble you've got ! Wishing you a quick recover from Corona...your fellow Hussar enthusiast,Sander
  3. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Garde du Corps Regiment Leutnant Pre-1912

    Wow ! what a WHOPPER !! stunning, John (y) (y) 🍺
  4. 2nd.Leibhusar

    German medical collection

    What a stunning collection !! (y) I have always had a soft spot for Sanitäter and priests in wartime..beautiful items and beautiful quality...bravo ! Thank you for sharing.
  5. 2nd.Leibhusar

    In search for a neusilber chinstrap for a Pioneer M95 haube.

    Looks great, must be "a happy camper".. :D
  6. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Koniglich Sachsische Garde Reiter Regt Rittmeister 1862-67

    Amazing set , John (y) it !
  7. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Kaiser’s 25 Year Birthday Anniversary and Lot 4111 in Karel’s Auction

    Thirteen years ago I was at all the auctions of the Brandt collection at Kube in Sugenheim. Here the collection was hammered away at record amounts in three sessions.... Now these pieces can no longer be found and certainly not at the prizes of then ! So everything is relative
  8. 2nd.Leibhusar

    IR 92 Bat. I & II

    Superbe as ever Ed !:love:(y)
  9. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Dragoon helmet opinion

    Hi Amy, I know Bavarian Artillery used square visors ( Kreuzbeschlag ) but it must have a so called" gekehlte Spitze" and not a ball on top. Bavaria adopted the ball in 1916 and this helmet is an older one...
  10. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Thanks guys for the kind words...I'm very pleased with it but with mixed feelings for Karel and I were often together at fairs and shows and he's missed..
  11. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    This is the one I've got from Karel 🍺
  12. 2nd.Leibhusar

    Baden Leib Dragoon Regiment Enlisted Mans helmet circa 1870 just arrived!!

    James ,..that's a WHOPPER !! love it.. :love: :love:
  13. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Thanks Amy,I'm very happy with it, especially now that I finally have the helmet to complete my tunic
  14. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Paid a lot, but this was the first I'ved seen in years with the correct spike ...
  15. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Ha,ha,...don't be sorry...that's the way it goes with never know who you're bidding against. I'm glad it will go to a good home..I'ved bought the M15 Bavarian Cavalry helmet to go with my M1909/15 Chevauleger tunic...So I'am also a "happy camper";)
  16. 2nd.Leibhusar

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Ahhhhh, so you were in my way , ha,ha ! ;)...enjoy it, its a Whopper....I'll find another one some day..they're out there ( the 4104 )
  17. 2nd.Leibhusar

    What the hell (met) is this ??

    In the same auction !!! "original".....😂
  18. 2nd.Leibhusar

    What the hell (met) is this ??