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  1. Sandmann

    Tschapka little renovation

    Nicely done Wojtek, congratulations :)
  2. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    I believe if the German Empire had survived, the spiked helmet would still be worn by the guards at state visits or parades, as in Sweden, France or Great Britain. But I don’t think that the M15 was planned for future wars.
  3. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    On this subject I also found an interesting article from 1915 on the shortage of materials and their replacement. It was published in the magazine „Kunststoffe“ (plastics) and I translated it for our community (source: „Kunststoffe“, year 1915 -
  4. Sandmann

    Officer Hussar Regiment 17

    Great uniforms!
  5. Sandmann

    Infantry Regimental Band

    Thank you for sharing the nice photo :)
  6. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    According to the official orders I‘ve found in the army regulation sheets 1914 - 1916 the fittings were always to be made from Brass, Tombak, aluminum bronce or nickel silver. As far as I know there were also no regulations for steel fittings for helmets in war time or „Ersatz“ helmets, but as...
  7. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    Bruno, do you mean the AKO Nr 275/1915, from April 6, 1915? But according to the text the order affected only buttons, Waist- and side-hooks, not helmet fittings or emblems. Or was there another AKO I didn’t find?
  8. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    Thank you Bruno and also Philippe, your explanations helped me a lot to get a better understanding of these helmets.
  9. Sandmann

    Waffenmeister helmet

    Very cool to see, thank you for sharing :)
  10. Sandmann

    Infantry Regt 88

    Another wonderful helmets, congratulations Steve :)
  11. Sandmann

    Mecklenburg Jager Batl 14

    Beautiful helmets, congratulations Steve :)
  12. Sandmann

    Rare M15 Prusian first model Pickelhabe

    May I ask for some more informations or a book about the M15-Helmet with non-removable spike? The helmet is beginning to interest me.
  13. Sandmann

    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    Looks like new! Congratulations Zeb :)
  14. Sandmann

    Austrian steel helmet and friends.

    Really nice, thank you for sharing.
  15. Sandmann

    Ulanen tschapka

    Great link, thank you Adam (y)
  16. Sandmann

    Pair of epaulettes for Dragoon Regt 26

    Beautiful pieces. Congratulations Steve.
  17. Sandmann

    Hessian L G I R 115

    So amazing helmets, congratulations Steve :)
  18. Sandmann

    French trench art

    Unfortunately I don’t know the stamp regulatuins for granates but as a German I agree with Lars that DEZ stands for Dezember.
  19. Sandmann

    Argentinian Infantry Officer Cadet

    Beautiful photo Brian, congratulations :)
  20. Sandmann

    Pickelhaube renovation

    Great job Wojtek, thank you for sharing (y)