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  1. JzPf

    Epaulettes for the Technischen Institute for Artillery

    Steve, I did not know the seller, one of 400 tables at the show, so not able to run them down, but I’ll keep my eyes open now that I know your looking. Rick’s doing well, thanks for asking. Dennis
  2. JzPf

    Mecklenburg Jager Batl 14

    Excellent! (I bid on the officers also, but glad it went to a good home) Landwehr Mecklenburg-Schwerin is legit!
  3. JzPf

    Epaulettes for the Technischen Institute for Artillery

    I saw an infantry set at the Pomona Show back in June, they had crossed rifles. Limited reference, but, volume 3 of Das Deutsche Heer has some. Great find, Steve! Cheers, Dennis
  4. JzPf

    Waffenmeister helmet

    Great addition!
  5. JzPf

    Officer Hussar Regiment 17

    Beautiful set, now all you need is Steve’s busby! Cheers, Dennis
  6. JzPf

    Pair of epaulettes for Dragoon Regt 26

    Excellent, Steve!
  7. JzPf

    Hessian L G I R 115

  8. JzPf

    Argentinian Infantry Officer Cadet

    I thought this helmet looked familiar, it is very similar to one advertised in the 1932 C.E. Junker catalog which has basically the same front plate but with the addition of flags outside the laurel wreath.
  9. JzPf

    Hussar Regiment 17

    Very nice, indeed! Cheers, Dennis
  10. JzPf

    Bavarian Trench Art

    Excellent grouping! Dennis
  11. JzPf

    American médical collection

    Wow, a most excellent collection!
  12. JzPf

    French médical collection

    Excellent, thanks for sharing! Cheers, Dennis
  13. JzPf

    Guard M1915 Pickelhaube

  14. JzPf

    Feldmutze: Original or not?

    I agree with Brian…also my opinion only.
  15. JzPf

    Prussian Pionier reserve officer M95.

  16. JzPf

    Saxon reserve officer

    Great helmets on both regards! Cheers, Dennis
  17. JzPf

    Seldom seen Pickelhauben and their wappen

    Excellent helmets, James. Hope it rains again so we can get another grouping 😉 Cheers, Dennis
  18. JzPf

    Polrock Braunschweig

    Another beauty, keep posting! Cheers, Dennis