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  1. Amybellars

    Saxon reserve officer

    Arrived few days ago and played with it today Regards
  2. Amybellars

    M1915 Prussian FsAR18

    Came with a removable spike and I got it changed to a kugel to match the marking
  3. Amybellars

    Dragoon helmet opinion

    Hi guys I need help. I assume this helmet has the wrong badge based on the markings. So what badge shd it have? A prussian heraldic Eagle to match the 3FdAR or a dragoon badge to match DR5. Also how does one explains that this example did not have he 2 external studs on the rear spine as like...
  4. Amybellars


    Just in. Tony has a Prussian model on his website. This example, just like the one that Tony's, has the internal shutter behind the field badge
  5. Amybellars

    Baden new addition

    Just came in
  6. Amybellars

    Saxon Ersatz helmet

    Not a latest find but was there when I am going thru my Saxon shelf. The exterior is painted black which paint did not go thru to the internal skull. Rolled edge felt. Front and rear visors are pressed from one piece construction. Regards Amy Bellars
  7. Amybellars

    F A R 60 New arrival

    The one in the extreme right just arrived to join two other bros. The state cockade on the new arrival differs from the other two. They all have nice interior sweatband and canvas.
  8. Amybellars

    FAR 10/ FAR46 Officer haube

    Here's the officer version.
  9. Amybellars

    F A R 10 Enlisted Man just joined my collection

    Glad to have it. Also bought the officer version. Will upload pics soon
  10. Amybellars

    Latest member to join my collection

    Baden foot arty officer
  11. Amybellars

    Wurttemberg enlisted man pickelhaube

    Wurttemberg enlisted man haube with good body form. Close examination of the body shows that it had been painted black at one point. All fittings are of grey metal. Spike is removable. Wurttemberg wappen is in good condition and is secured to the helmet body via leather wedges. There are no...
  12. Amybellars

    Prussian enlisted man pickelhaube

    Prussian enlisted man haube. Helmet body has crazing and flaking (see pic) but in good form. All fittings are in grey metal with same patina. There are no extra holes behind the wappen. Wappen is secured to the body via leather edges. Spike is removable. Stitching to both visors are tight...
  13. Amybellars

    BOOK : Deutsche Offiziershelme 1870-1918 Vol 1

    I happen to have an extra copy of this book. Total 211 pages. All officers helmets and photos. Brand new with plastic wrap. Selling at USD80. If interested, please pm me
  14. Amybellars

    2023 SOS - CROWN PLAZA

    My eyes must be playing tricks. Crown is fully booked during the SOS 2023 period?? :cool::oops:
  15. Amybellars

    Baden rolled edge ersatz helmet

    Bought one Baden rolled edge from a forum member and it arrived yesterday. Now, I have three Baden rolled edge. All without rear spine and they are highly fragile. 2 Brass M1895 model, both with side reinforcement felt pieces while the M1915 grey metal does not have the reinforcement felt...
  16. Amybellars

    Advanced Guard catalogue

    Who is the lucky guy who bought the Anhalt pickelhaube? The pickelhaubes all went so quickly. I managed to buy 3. How about the other guys? Amy
  17. Amybellars

    Merry Xmas

    The sun has risen and it's Christmas day. Merry Xmas 🎄 to all in this chat forum I have gone quiet for a while as I am sewing blankets for a nursing home and the project has kept me busy. I will be back soon.
  18. Amybellars

    M1915 Wurttemberg Enlisted Man Helmet

    M15 helmet complete with original chinstrap and cockades. Exterior body has lost its coat of leather. This is the only problem that explains why I am selling the helmet. No extra hole and there is a tear on the liner but all fingers are intact. Please let me know if you need more pictures...
  19. Amybellars

    Prussian Enlisted man helmet for sale

    Prussian Enlisted man pickelhaube with original grey metal fittings including the removable spike, spike base held by 4 grey metal studs, rear spine, front visor trim and M91 side posts. Slight peeling on the exterior body (wearer’s left). Stitching to both front and rear visors are tight...
  20. Amybellars


    Found this helmet in my late husband collection. Was damaged in shipping from Australia to Singapore and I got it slightly repaired.