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  1. chinstrap

    Saxon 107th Reserve Regiment. Named to Frenzel

    This is a well-marked and named helmet to the Saxon 107th Reserve Regiment. It came with paperwork to Sanitats Unteroffizier Otto Arthur Frenzel 107R. Markings on the left visor are 1904 106R 107 RR 13. On the right side visor is written what, with the benefit of the paperwork, I read as San...
  2. chinstrap

    Garde EM M95 & Saxon Reserve EM M95

    Hi, I am looking for a good example of each of these haubes, preferably from Europe, as the import duties etc. from N. America to UK are horrendous! Please pm me if you can help. Thanks Patrick
  3. chinstrap

    Scarce saxon

    I have been lucky enough to be able to buy this very scarce Saxon helmet from a fellow member of the forum. It has all the characteristics of Leib-Grenadier-Regiment no 100 , but, I believe, could also be to Pioneer Battalion 12. All fittings, apart from the central device, in brass, are in...
  4. chinstrap

    Un-serrated Reich’s kokarde for Saxon EM M95

    I have a Saxon EM 95, for which I have been able to find the correct un-serrated State kokarde. I now need the same style Reich’s kokarde. Does anybody have one for sale? I know where I can get the paired set, but I don’t want to pay for a Saxon one I don’t now need, or take the risk of not...
  5. chinstrap

    Sappenpanzer trench armour

    I didn’t know where else to post this, but I just wanted to alert those who collect trench armour that there is what is described as Second model ‘Sappenpanzer’ trench armour on I‘d only heard of Grabenpanzer, but it’s not my area of interest. Patrick
  6. chinstrap

    British lance cap plates

    There was a comment from Steve Nick in my recent post on British helmets about the expense of the die used to fabricate a lance cap plate. The one shown was on a 16th Lancers trooper's helmet. The officer plates were even more elaborate, being gilt with silver overlays. Below are a couple of...
  7. chinstrap

    Some of my British helmets

    Just trying to help with keeping the forum well stocked with posts. Patrick 1st Royal Dragoons-trooper 5th Dragoon Guards- trooper Officer home service helmets - Victorian Bedfordshire Regiment 1st Volunteer Battalion. Edwardian King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry. Edwardian Manchester...
  8. chinstrap

    19th(2nd Alsatian) Fortress Pioneer Battalion EM M95

    Not exactly a latest find, as I bought this a couple of years ago from a distinguished member of the forum. However, I haven't posted it before, so I thought I would respond to Brian's urging us to add posts at this difficult time. One of my favourite helmets! The helmet is clearly marked...
  9. chinstrap

    Prussian 1856 EM haube

    If anybody’s interested, MDL have one for sale. I can’t include a precise link, but it’s at, and it’s item SKU VL008. Price is GBP 2750. It’s not in A1 condition, but probably not bad for its age. I know nothing about these and have no idea if this is a decent price. Just to...
  10. chinstrap

    Camouflaged M17

    I've always fancied a camouflaged stahlhelm, but they were either too costly, or problematic. I saw this one, which really appealed to me, and I was able to get it at a price I was very happy with. I believe it's the real thing, but I can live with it if it's not. Views, please. Marked Si66...
  11. chinstrap

    North American weather

    Just a thought for those of you in the US and Canada who are enduring the horrendous weather we’re seeing over here on the news. Apparently the technical term is a ‘polar vortex’. 2 inches of snow and a couple of degrees below freezing stops the country moving in Britain! Look after...
  12. chinstrap

    Some British helmets (3)

    Seem to be on a roll , posting two at a time! Patrick
  13. chinstrap

    Some British helmets (2)

    First shot seemed to work, so here's a couple of cavalry helmets, Patrick
  14. chinstrap

    Some British helmets

    I haven't been doing much on the pickelhaube front recently but I thought there might be some interest in a few British helmets. I have been trying to upload photos directly for the first time and have had a few problems, so here's hoping this time.I'll just do two at a time as Brian suggests...
  15. chinstrap

    Michael Baldwin Collection auction part 1. 31 January

    I imagine most members are aware of this, but, just in case... Patrick
  16. chinstrap

    Access to forum

    Hi, I can access the new-look forum from my IPad, but all I get when trying to do so through my PC is a page saying 'The web page is parked free courtesy of Dime a Dot Com' Help please. I like the new lay-out and organisation. Thanks for all the work. Patrick
  17. chinstrap

    A man who's had enough!

    Here's a posting that should resonate with members of this forum!" onclick=";return false; Patrick
  18. chinstrap

    Saxon EM M95

    This is the third very nice EM 95 I bought recently from the same person who sold me the Prussian EM M95 I posted a couple of weeks ago Saxon EM M95. Good condition, no extra holes, but chinstrap is repro -makes two I need now! the Saxon kokarde is serrated, and I know there's been lots of...
  19. chinstrap

    Wurttemberg EM M95

    This is the second EM 95 I bought recently from the same person who sold me the Prussian EM M95 I posted a couple of weeks ago. This is a Wurttemberg EM M95 The wappen is a well detailed, solid piece , and intact with full antlers. The chinstrap is a repro and I'm on the hunt for an original -...
  20. chinstrap

    Prussian Reserve EM M95

    I have just been able to buy three very nice EM 95's from the same person who sold me the Prussian EM M95 I posted a couple of weeks ago. This one is a Prussian Reserve. There is a unit stamp but only J.R is visible now. As far as I can see it's exactly as it should be, with all original...