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  1. Mike H

    Imperial Shoulder Straps for Sale

    Shoulder straps are really great to display with headgear from the particular Regiment you are interested in. This is what I was encouraged to do from some members here -- thank you, Jim and Steve -- but these no longer fit my particular focus. Both are in excellent condition. 1. Kgl. Bayr...
  2. Mike H

    Braunschweigisches Husaren-Regiment Nr. 17 EM Visor Cap

    A rare visor cap and hard to find. The Husaren-Regiment Nr. 17 was one of the few units that displayed the Totenkopf on their headgear. It was formed in 1809 and garrisoned in Braunschweig. I would rate this Condition 2 with one small moth nip on the piping, right side. From the Steve McFarland...
  3. Mike H

    Bavarian Pickelhaube – Einjährig Freiwilligen or Fähnrich – Line Infanterie

    Complete with all fittings, gold front plate with gold flat chinscales with M91 buttons, gold smooth spike on base disc with four gold split-pin screws, officer lining with ribbed silk, no double holes, inside with size indication "56 ½” and date of manufacture "9.9.12". Absolutely unworn...
  4. Mike H

    Hannoversches Jager-Bataillon Nr. 10 For Sale

    A beautiful Tschako for Hannoversches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 10. This Tschako is unique to that unit with the “Waterloo” – “Peninsula” – “Venta del Pozo” banner. The photos tell the story better than I can. PRICE: $2,250.00 Payment by PayPal is acceptable and preferred. I use FedEx for tracking...
  5. Mike H

    An IR 95

    Steve McFarland’s postings inspired me to post this beautiful IR 95.
  6. Mike H

    Light Dings and Rubs

    A friend of mine contacted me yesterday and asked how the Pickelhaube guys fix light dings or rubs that squeezed down into the leather a bit. He actually has the problem with a Luger holster but thought any tidbits or advice you might have would be useful. Let me know.
  7. Mike H

    Offizier - Fahnrich -- Einjahrige Freiwilligen - Question

    I am very thankful to Jim Turinetti and his excellent books. I do have a question on the helmet pictured which I could not find the answer to in the references. The helmet is described as for a Fahnrich or Einjahrig Freiwilligen (One Year Volunteer). In looking over Jim's descriptions of the...
  8. Mike H

    Mint, unworn Pickelhauben with Talcum Powder

    Gentlemen, I have seen a few examples of Pickelhauben in friends' collections that are mint and unworn and are covered with what appears to be a talcum powder coating. I was told they came from the manufacturer like this. What is the story with the powder? What was its purpose? An example...
  9. Mike H

    A Special Schulterstuck

    Here is a shoulder board I added to the collection yesterday. Very special as it from the Kronprinz Rupprecht of Bavaria, as General der Infantrie Inhaber (owner) of the Bavarian 2.Inf.Regt. Kronprinz. The flecking is the light blue Bavarian color, of course, more visible on the underside. In...
  10. Mike H

    Evaluation of a Prussian Dragoner

    Gentlemen, I can you please give me your opinions on this Pickelhaube? Mike
  11. Mike H

    Another Schirmmutze for the Collection

    I just started IG collecting a few weeks ago and now have two Schirmmutzen in the collection thanks to collector friends. Here are some photos of the latest -- a Preussen Garde-Schutzen visor for an officer. Mike I have not identified the maker yet.
  12. Mike H

    My first Pickelhaube

    I am new here and thanks to Brian for adding me. I have been a collector for many years but not Imperial German. I have fell in love with it -- something you all understand very well. I have loved the Pickelhauben for many years -- well before I thought I would collect them -- and am...