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    I need your help !

    Hello, I begin a study on the Gardes du Corps eagles. I would like to examine the differences between the individual eagles. Please send me pictures of your eagles. Please sends those pictures to me ! Almost everyone's eagles differs in detail ! It will not be possible to assign a...
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    Bronze-Relief "der Grundgänger"

    I offer this bronze relief of the german imperial navy . The piece is made of solid bronze and weighs just 10 kg . Dimensions : 58 cm x 22,5 cm Price 550,- + shipping [email protected]
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    Seitengewehr 98 mit Klingenätzung Rhein. Jäger-Bat Nr. 8

    :army: :army: Offering this Sidearm 98 with Klingenätzung in perfect condition. Price 750,- Euro Dragoner08
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    Paar Schulterstücke Jäger zu Pferde Nr. 2

    I offer this pair of shoulder boards from Jäger zu Pferde Nr. 2 Price 220 ​​, - Euro [email protected]
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    Paar Schulterstücke Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 4

    I offer this pair of shoulder boards from Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 4 Price 220 ​​, - Euro [email protected]
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    Reservistenkrug in perfect condition !

    Offering these Reservistenkrug in absolutely perfect condition . Price 550 , - The decor is very rare ! [email protected]
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    In perfect condition !

    Hello, without losing big words ... look at the pictures . This is my new helmet. 8-[ Greeting Dragoner08
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    Supraweste, Bandelier and Kartuschkasten GdC

    Hello, I am looking for a Supraweste, Bandolier and a Kartuschkasten to Gala Wachtanzug the GdC. Please on sale [email protected]
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    Offizierhelm Kürassier-Regiment Nr. 6 Modell 1843

    Hello, here's a rare officer's helmet from the Cuirassiers no. 6 in 1843 . The emblem consists of real silver. This piece I have not but one can imagine still him yes . I sold the piece some time ago . Greeting Dragoner08
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    A dangerous copy !

    Hello, I want to show a dangerous Copy you today. The helmet is original but the lion is an old copy. The lion weighs exactly 500 grams , which is the original well ! The details are very well done. One can only say very few deviations. The lion is already over 35 years old. There is an old...
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    A pristine helmet...Garde-Kürassier

    Hello, I would like to present this totally untouched helmet. Look at them , as the paint in the neck guard and front screen looks. That's original ! These areas have been repainted in the 70zigern very often by collectors. The helmet was not cleaned. The piece is unaffected. The helmet is...
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    Standart and luxury

    A very beautiful and rare piece . FN 1910th Once the standard piece and the luxury version . Gruß Dragoner08
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    Pelzmütze Offizier Sachsen Nr. 20

    Hello, I would like to present a rare Pelzmütze . Dating back to the Hussars . 20 Sachsen / Bautzen . However, I have sold a few months ago at Helmut Weitze because I do not like Pelzmützen . Greeting Dragoner08
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    Pistole 04 german imperial navy

    Here a beautiful Pistole 04 german imperial navy form 1917 DWM. Gruß Dragoner08
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    Reichsrevolver M 79

    Here a beautiful Reichsrevolver M79 with a nice carrier picture. Gruß Dragoner08
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    Lange Pistole 08 DWM 1917

    Hello, here a beautiful gun 08 in the long version of 1917 DWM. The numbers are the same. The condition is good. Gruß Dragoner08
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    Gardereiter/Karabinier Offizier almost identical

    Hello, these two pieces are from the state it is almost identical. Offizier and Reserveoffizier with rare cap. Both helmets are not polished. The offizier....... Gruß Dragoner08
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    Sächsischer Gardereiter Offizier Parade 1907

    Hello, here another nice helmet in good condition . The Saxon cockade here in normal execution. Gruß Dragoner08
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    Gardereiter/Karabinier Offizier

    This piece is also in fantastic condition. Unpolished completely. The emblem is in silver an the kokarde is enamelled ! That's very rare. It's one of my favorites. Gruß Dragoner08
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    Sächsischer Gardereiter Parade 1907

    Another beautiful Gardereiter in Parade from 1907 with lion. Manufacturer is Osang Dresden 1915. The helmet is unpolished in very good condition. No double holes, no deformations. Gruß Dragoner08