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  1. GardeUlan

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    I not sure, that it was a HR 20 grouping. I remember this busby being offered by H. Weitze 15 years ago. GardeUlan
  2. GardeUlan

    Danish shako?

    Dear collector friends, For many years I have this Danish officers shako from the reign of King Christian X. Not necessarily my collecting area. I would be very grateful if someone could tell me what exactly it is. Thank you very much GardeUlan
  3. GardeUlan

    Pickel haube Württemberg?

    Very nice helmet!
  4. GardeUlan

    IR 92 Bat. I & II

    You are right, the auction house back in 2017 was wrong. I fully share your point of view - also after 30 years of collecting 😀. I saw this very helmet in 2014 for the first time, when a well known dealer from Frankfurt was selling an old collection. I wanted to buy it, but had not the money.
  5. GardeUlan

    IR 92 Bat. I & II

    Great! I think I remember this helmet, if I‘m not mistaken.
  6. GardeUlan

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Here it is. I‘m happy😀
  7. GardeUlan

    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    Might need polishing... GardeUlan
  8. GardeUlan

    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    Long live the Maikäfer! I have a small one made of silver from an officer's gift. GardeUlan
  9. GardeUlan

    Schulterstücke Major 2.Garde Drag. Regiment "Kaiserin Alexandra v. Russland
  10. GardeUlan

    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Tried the Oldenburg artillery officer, lot 4088, but unfortunately did not get it. In the end I was successful with 4127. At least something to remember Karel. GardeUlan
  11. GardeUlan

    Pickelhaube Meckleburg-Schwerin Dragoon M1848, I have questions about it:).

    Personally I like this type of helmet, especially since I like Mecklenburg helmets. However, the demand for this type is rather limited, which I don't really understand. Weitze has been offering some for quite some time. GardeUlan
  12. GardeUlan

    Latest find Weekend March 18 ,2022

    Here some more pictures from a nice collection in Japan: GardeUlan
  13. GardeUlan

    Karel - One Year

    What can I say? Somehow I am sad.
  14. GardeUlan

    Prince Alfons personal helmet…grandson of Ludwig I

    Alfons rules!!! Great „L“ ! Is it this one?
  15. GardeUlan

    13th Uhlan Regiment NCO with M8 Ulanka

    Great picture. Is his name „Gockel“?
  16. GardeUlan

    Heyde Prussian Dragoon’s

    Thank you for showing. Heyde is simply great. The company has created its own world. Not only Kaiserreich. Simply unbelievable, what pops up again and again. Collected them a very long time ago. 30 years...
  17. GardeUlan

    Merci tres beaucoup M.Larcade!

    C'est incroyable ! Génial!
  18. GardeUlan

    What a nasty scam… (closed)

    That‘s the seller:
  19. GardeUlan

    Saxon Garde Reiter

    Argonne is absolutely right!
  20. GardeUlan

    Guard du Korps Officers helmet

    Why not a bargain like this?