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    Saxon shako

    Looks wrong to me: body of the shako is not what it should be; wrong cockades; stitching looks off; missing the two side holes for the bush; leather 'strap' on the lower end of the body is incorrect; and a few other issues.
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    Why is it that busbies are so often messed with and, in proportion, it seems more frequently than Pickelhaubes - at least that is my experience?
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    Frankenstein IMO is a better description than fake - but it clearly is not what it is labelled to be and definitely not worth 2750. Poor guy who bought that and a shame it was sold the way it was. :^o
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    At Griffin in the description it was also labelled as that of a Wachtmeister and yes it is also listed on ebay.
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    Thanks for your reply. This seems logical but the Wachtmeister (senior NCO) wore the officer Feldzeichen, so why not also an officer Fangschnur and/or cockades - hence my question.
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    Hi Tony, Thanks for chipping in. Just to be clear I am no longer considering the busby I was offered in trade that started this thread. That said I am still interested in learning a bit more about busbies in general. 1. the material on the busby pictured in this thread is supposed to be sheep...
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    Hi Brian, Thanks for your second reply which has given me some more valuable information. In order to answer one of your questions, I just read that NCO status on the Fangschnur of Hussars was signalled by applying the state colours to the toggle and slide on the Fangschnur.
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    Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. I just checked some literature and noticed that the officer Feldzeichen was worn by a Wachtmeister so that at least is possible. Does anyone know whether or not a Wachtmeister was also allowed the wearing of officer type Cockades and or Fangschnurr? I am just...
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    Thanks for the reply and information! Much appreciated. Were any of the officer parts: Feldzeichen, Cockades and Cords also worn by senior NCOs or are these strictly for officers?
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    Hi Guys, I have been offered this busby in trade. As I do not have one in my collection it has my interest but as busbies are outside my field of expertise I would very much like some opinions on it and also a price indication of it. Thanking you in advance for any and all your comments...
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    OMG!!!!! Can it get any worse?

    Are you sure this is not a super rare possibly one of kind helmet? I am definitely going to bid on this one!
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    What do you mean by: "collecting artifacts of only one nation can be a bit repetitive"? I have never had that feeling with German items. :? Nevertheless welcome! :D
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    Help? Miniature Würtemberg Candle Holder Maker Marked (5" x 6") Any Information?

    Definitely a cool item. Ink well more likely.
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    M15 Prussian Jäger Tschako.

    Congrats - prefer pickelhaubes though however I would love to own an officer JB 14 tschako.
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    Wurtt. officer on detached service to New Delhi Zeppelin Corps

    Now 36 bids - a popular item.
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    Canvas over Cork Prussian EM... How about this rarity! Thanks for having me.

    Lovely - my favourite type of ersatz helmet.
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    Brunswick EM for Sal

    Darn what a lovely helmet!