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  1. gardehusar

    Restoration of a Bavarian pickelhaube

    A spontaneous flea market purchase. First I was unsure whether to keep or not. My wife said keep also from the point of view I live in Bavaria and have no militaria from Bavaria. Part of the scale chain, the front rail, the cockades were missing. Condition many missing parts in the paint heavily...
  2. gardehusar

    Ring collar Officir Kürassier-Regiment „Königin“ (Pommersches) Nr. 2

    in a very good condition 4.800 euro as a basis for negotiation YES shure 1st Kurassier my mistake BUT SOLD
  3. gardehusar

    Fire gliding

    The royal class: fire gilding! The Greek naval dagger for cadets around 1920 was polished brass with a little gilding in the corners. See the first pictures. Then it was fire gilded by Mr. Meyer the only one who still does it worldwide. See link: He...
  4. gardehusar

    Almost finished figurine Leib Garde Husaren

    This is a reduction of an uniform not a toy.
  5. gardehusar

    Pelz for Leib Garde Husar

    en Miniature
  6. gardehusar

    ersatz Pickelhaube

    Ersatz Prussian EM Pickelhaube in Filz. What do you think about the ORIGINALITY? I think is a good copy from england from the 70´s....
  7. gardehusar

    Pants of a general fieldgrey

    Pants of a general fieldgrey. Wingadjutant Alfred Graf von Soden If s.o. is interested 2.2 Euro
  8. gardehusar

    Hannover Ulanenregiment 13 Ulanka plus Boots

    Hannover Ulanenregiment 13 Ulanka plus Boots plus Schützenschnur mint condition 750 Euro
  9. gardehusar

    Gardemaschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr. 2 Uniform

    Gardemaschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr. 2 Uniform for sale. 2.500 Euro basis for negotiation More picture here:
  10. gardehusar

    Gardemaschinengewehr Uniform

    Gent´s extremly rar Uniform for Gardemaschinengewehr-Abteilung Nr. 2. If s.o. is interesred drop me a mail....
  11. gardehusar

    Gard du Corps Offizier Supraweste

    Heya, maybe somone have a picture of a Supraweste officer Garde du Corps? Picture Thanks a lot
  12. gardehusar

    Helmet Gard du Corps and Cuirass Offizier

    Long time i was not here but i am back with a smal sentation.... I offer here a helmet and cuirass guard du corps. Never in a collector's hand and from a German high noble family. In case of serious interest, please contact me via e-mail [email protected] Helm is in the latest Form and the egal...
  13. gardehusar

    Ulanka fieldgrey??

    Please tell everythink what you know about the Ulanka is it really fieldgrey or Friendensuniform... ?? and a value ? THANKS !!!
  14. gardehusar

    Germa Tunica ???? Help please

    So guys if s.o. could help with this tunica PLease I have no idear ?? I've already researched everywhere and can not find out there. Although Prussian police officer had Skirts Swedish charges but not in black. These spreads are open here, so in the Saxon form. The saw I know the Department...
  15. gardehusar

    need help for a few Helmet Pickelhauben.....

    Hi guys, I need your help. These helmets are to be determined. The price is to be determined. Sorry for the only picture without details. The collection comes from an old man who has difficulties with the Internet.
  16. gardehusar

    NCO officer of the Hussars, 10 Magdeburg (Child)

    Actually, I just wanted you to my latest find a children's Hussars uniform of a NCO officer of the Hussars, 10 Magdeburg In very good condition Attila, trousers boots Kartuschkasten, Take a look at just the pants with attached vest .... (The saber is a saber child does not belong to the...
  17. gardehusar

    Leib Hussars Deth Head complet Uniform

    Have a look abd the rest here wonderful a one year volunteer !!! Don´t be irritated with the mark very often Attila of one year volunteers came from the " Kammer" Uploaded with
  18. gardehusar

    Leib Hussars Death Head complet Uniform to sold

    see picture Attila Trouser Boot of a one years volunteer .... Price 5000 Euro include shipping Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded with Uploaded...
  19. gardehusar

    Fantastic book on the cavalry of the old army

    A fantastic book on the cavalry of the old army Volume 1 heavy cavalry After years of research is a book in front of over 600 and around 700 photographs, some in color. Although the authors of each chapter with introductory and explanatory sections of text and tables have provided the many...
  20. gardehusar

    Female Hussar Rusia??

    Who can be in this photo? Picture taken in the late 19 th century in Russia (Odessa). This is a sham or not? . I was told that it could be Saxon duchess. ???