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  1. seagull

    Hessian L G I R 115

    That group is just mesmerising ! Hessen heritage in just one photo.
  2. seagull

    Danish shako?

    ForexSils is obviously a scammer. Best not follow this link and delete his "membership"
  3. seagull

    Kaiser’s 25 Year Birthday Anniversary and Lot 4111 in Karel’s Auction

    Congratulations Tony, you bought this for all the best possible reasons. Steve
  4. seagull

    Yes I love ersatz pichelhaube.

    Zeb, your collection is truly awe inspiring. That Baden helm has just given me a new "unicorn" to hunt down! Congratulations and thanks for posting so many beautiful helmets. Steve
  5. seagull

    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    Thanks for that Brian, now I see how it works. You say it is unique so I'm guessing you have not seen any similar examples from other States.
  6. seagull

    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    Wonderful transformation Brian, been AFK for quite a while and hadn't completely followed this process. Can you please clarify a point about the rear spine? First, I hadn't realised that 'false' exterior dome heads were sometimes used with concealed split brads to give the outward appearance of...
  7. seagull

    First attempt at a helmet restoration

    "what kind of brute forces a wappen into the shell?! takes a lot of strength!" --A Gorilla with an eye for profit?? Steve, good solid job on the skull. Brass normally takes well to annealing (been there, done that) BUT 100 year old brass? Personally I would give it a go, with my heart in my...
  8. seagull

    Enlisted wappen, with Waterloo bandeau.

    Well done Coert, a little treasure, I am jealous! I think I have to disagree with Steve about separate Waterloo banners only on officers haubes: I have a rather battered EM m95 with just the ends of a ripped-off Waterloo banner still attached (someone must have felt offended at it's being fitted...
  9. seagull

    Eton volunteer rifle Corp

    Well done Zeb, that is a pretty rare helmet even in the UK.
  10. seagull

    Chinese officers in German army

    Astonishing photos, Many thanks for showing here.
  11. seagull

    Pickelhaube Stirnpanzer

    Definitely getting that printed on a T shirt.
  12. seagull

    Jäger zu Pferd?

    On the other hand, the "Lord of the Rings" helmet on the right, looks absolutely genuine!🤣
  13. seagull

    Oldenburgischen Infanterie Regiments No. 91 - Dem scheiden kameraden

    Wow Michael that is beautiful, You obviously had very 'sympatico' parents! I especially admire the wonderful quality of the engraving on these pre-war items, you just don't see that class of skill today. Best regards, Steve
  14. seagull


    Also true Lars, shameful things from the relatively recent past done in our name by our politicians with their own spurious agenda shame us as well as them, but there can be no excuse for the kind of random savagery we are seeing now - it should be called out whomever perpetrates it, and...
  15. seagull


    You are right Coert, the evidence is that they deceitfully call their WAR a "Special Operation" - demonstrating that they can't even be honest with their own people, let alone the rest of the World. Sorry if my opinions are overtly political Brian, I know this Forum is not really the place for...
  16. seagull


    Volodymyr Zelensky is a President worthy of the name, unlike some we could all mention. Finally, the World sees a politician who not only does his job but also tells it like it REALLY is.
  17. seagull


    "They make a desert and call it peace". Tacitus, 56ad.
  18. seagull

    Patriottic coffee cup.

    Really nice Set Coert, I'd love to have my morning coffee in it!
  19. seagull

    Prussian M95 OR's Shell

    Thank you Brian, for saying what is in all our minds, and saying it damn well.
  20. seagull


    Bump: One month on, heroism is not dead.