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    New cabinet July 2022

    Really nice addition Steve.
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    Marine-Infanterie Officer in Feldgrau

    Dave, congratulations! Really nice and rare!
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    1.Leibhusaren Regiment

    Fantastic ensemble.
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    Kaiser’s 25 Year Birthday Anniversary and Lot 4111 in Karel’s Auction

    Tony, fantastic! Only few would have known the special attraction of this Metalhleme. I agree entirely with your attitude towards paying for these, probably once in a lifetime of collecting, items. Well done!
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    Some should boards and straps

    Charles, very nice. The closeups really show details. Thanks.
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    Estate of a brave soldier

    Fabulous! Lt. Hünigen's medal bar speaks to his bravery. Thanks for showing. Mike
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Tony, thank you. It is very satisfying to know Karel thought highly of these HR20 pieces. As a collector of Jäger and Saxon first priority was the Krätzchen. I am more than pleased to have won all three.
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

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    Prussian O.R. M-1915 Jaeger zu Pferde

    It is a great "bug" to have:))
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    John, thank you. The Atilla is named but not the Pelzmütze. Not a grouping. Yep, the JB12 Krätzchen is from Karel's collection too. RLTW Mike
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    The Van Bosstraeten Auction

    Here are my additions from Karel's collection. Very happy with all.
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    König Sächisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 12

    Thanks much. I don't. I have a JB12 kratzchen on the way.
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    König Sächisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 12

    A recent addition. A very nice worn pair just the way I prefer.
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    Schulterstücke Major 2.Garde Drag. Regiment "Kaiserin Alexandra v. Russland

    Love the display. Congrats on finding your boards. GDR2 are not easy to find. Like Brian I like your flag cover top. The only others I have seen are in Steve McFarland's collection. Well done!
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    Just for show some parts of my Collection

    Welcome! Really a nice collection. As you have time could we see more photos of the Fahne shown in the first photo. I assume it is a veteran's flag? Mike
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    Telegraphen Dunkelblau Shoulder Straps Completed

    Congratulations Tony. I have always Iiked the 1899 pattern straps. Well done!
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    Garde, Garde-Grenadier, Infantry field gray cypher straps

    Over the years I have attempted to collect m15 pattern infantry straps. I obtained a few from trades with Chip. The straps are shown in order of the regiment's seniority. Ýou will note the IR118 and IR168 straps. They were the only two non-cypher infantry regiments with piping other than white...