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  1. DoneDoing

    eBay Fake Warning

    Be careful ww1czechlegion. ebay only care about sellers that make money for them....they don't care about legalities albeit I admire what you're doing and it's about time someone did it. They may suspend you. I did something similar years ago even down to research who was buying the crap and...
  2. DoneDoing

    Stahlhelm camouflage.

    The camo looks real enough but the damage (crack) makes the price somewhat lower. The liners & the chinstraps for these can be as nearly a much as the camos........just sayin.
  3. DoneDoing

    WW2 German Helmet Chicken Wire Basket

    I've had this for awhile but have never had any use for it. I'm assuming over time the crown has deteriorated and broken or been cut off. The main support would be a bed spring. $95USD plus $34 postage to anywhere. Paypal will work.
  4. DoneDoing

    Baden 110th Regiment Issue Marked M95 Enlisted Helmet woodwork find

    ........don't know what's better, the helmet or your photography skills. Both superb!
  5. DoneDoing

    Tschapka little renovation

    Always good to see your works Wojtek, it's inspiring!
  6. DoneDoing

    Koffer restoration

    Wow and only 16 hours, an amazing job Wojtek.
  7. DoneDoing

    Here we go again ?

    Everything bar the helmet are fake, all the time! I'm yet to see an original liner or chinstrap at the least!
  8. DoneDoing

    Here we go again ?

    There are ways to upset him, enlighten others of this particular scammer and to create a conversation about him but it would take some effort. I have done this before with another many years ago with another scammer in a different medium. I'm getting older and don't have the energy these days...
  9. DoneDoing

    Here we go again ?

    This ebay seller with another couple of accounts has been doing this for years. And he's gotten better. If in doubt at all and I mean at all of his liners are fakes. There's a start! It's all out there on other forums as it has been for years, just a quick google search of his ebay name will...
  10. DoneDoing

    First attempt at a helmet restoration

    Hi Steve Great job with the chinstrap. I've also had a lot of experience with repairing leather. Re-coloring that wouldn't be difficult at all but I'd recommend the kiwi polish liquid dye as it has more synthetic qualities. The join you completed so well can be rubbed down gently with sandpaper...
  11. DoneDoing

    Kaiser's Bunker Resurrection - Wappens

    ....unbelievable, what can I say that hasn't already been said......just an amazing collection!
  12. DoneDoing

    Out of shape and looking for a way to get some exercise.

    This one's mine Gus and it's good for nearly 100kms but you pay for what you get in the ebike world, combine it with fresh air and amazing bike can't be beaten. Oh and I can use peddle assist at any time and it's almost my only mode of getting around.
  13. DoneDoing

    Out of shape and looking for a way to get some exercise.

    Buy a bike, you guys have the best in the world ......but I cheated I imported one of your best electric legs required! But seriously bike riding at a leisurely pace is the way to go.
  14. DoneDoing

    Our Fearless Leader is injured

    Get well soon Brian
  15. DoneDoing

    Australian Museum Selling WW1 German Camouflage Helmets.....then!

    But I wonder too if they were selling 'legitimate' camos or someone painting them onsite and would we now know the difference. For me it kind of reads ambiguously! It's the first time I've seen such an advertisement.....well in this country anyway.
  16. DoneDoing

    Australian Museum Selling WW1 German Camouflage Helmets.....then!

    I bought this advertisement some time ago and hadn't really had the time to read it properly until I found another this morning elsewhere. It was an advertisement in a newspaper dated 1920 I was gobsmacked that the Australian government had enough German WW1 camo's to advertise them for...
  17. DoneDoing

    A purchase pre internet

    ......just stunning! Thank you for posting it, one of my favourites!
  18. DoneDoing

    M95 chinstrap

    I spent years getting the ones I have and it was a hard slog, I think it was 5 that I needed. I don't like this one for it's unused like state, by that i mean it's still rather right-angled all the way along it like it's never taken a hit or a bend. That stitching also concerns me almost like...
  19. DoneDoing

    Miss MacPhillips

    Definitely out of my ballpark if it ever was....but one can dream!
  20. DoneDoing

    Miss MacPhillips

    Just amazing! Is it for sale somewhere?