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  1. b.loree

    Bavarian Neusilber Officer Wappen

    This wappen is from a current restoration that I am working on.....Bavarian Officer helme with neusilber fittings. Although I have an OR silver Bavarian in my collection, this is the first officer that has been sent to me. The reverse shows that this wappen has prongs soldered to it instead of...
  2. b.loree

    Neusilber Crown

    I would like some help in identifying this neusilber crown which probably come from a cartouche box?? Obviously it has a screw post and the old bell shaped nut.
  3. b.loree

    Photo Post Card One Year Volunteer JR 162 Lubeck

    For sale: Original photo post card of OYV from JR 162 Lubeck. Clear shot showing JR 162 OYV boards. Reverse with message and address to a fraulein Elsa. Mailed 23, 12, 03. Also written 3/162 under signature which to me would indicate 3rd Batt. JR 162. Price: $25US plus postage. Contact...
  4. b.loree

    Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand?

    I have had this cabinet sized photo for many years. I always believed the central figure in the photo wearing the plumed hat was the Arch Duke. Can anyone positively confirm this for me? A heads up to the membership as well, I have begun to sell off my Imperial German photo postacard collection...
  5. b.loree

    M95 Wurttemberg OR's Wappen/Helmet Plate

    Wanted to complete a helmet: One Wurtt. M95 brass OR wappen/helmet plate.
  6. b.loree

    Argentinian Infantry Officer Cadet

    I bought this off of Ebay recently and was actually surprised that no one else was after it. I suspected a South American connection and sure enough after a bit of internet search, I identified this as an Argentinian officer cadet. You can just make out the Phrygian cap which is a central part...
  7. b.loree

    Two Helmets From Singapore

    Over the years, Amy has sent me several helmets to work on. Here are the latest...Garde M15 tschako and a Prussian Feld Artillery helmet. Both of these helmets need some refinish work. This situation with most of the finish on the front visor missing is very unusual, I have not seen this...
  8. b.loree

    Forum Off Line May 31/22

    A number of members probably noticed that the forum was down for at least 24 hours. I contacted tech support and the cause was a system upgrade on the server. I am having problems posting photos getting a message that the files are too large. Again, I have emailed Joel asking that he check to...
  9. b.loree

    The Great Hessen Wappen Challenge!

    Coming soon...a challenge to the membership! Who can spot/list the most differences between two Hessen private purchase wappen? :rolleyes: One is an officer's, the other, the OYV wappen from my FAR 25 helmet. The differences are subtle my will have to examine them closely...
  10. b.loree

    10th Bavarian Field Artillery

    A member of the 10th Bavarian Field Artillery Regt. Note the white belt for mounted arty. and the M91 style chin scales.
  11. b.loree

    Prussian Landwehr Wappen

    A short post comparing a Prussian Landwehr officer wappen with an issued OR's. First the officer....for new collectors, note the absence of the Vaterland Bandeau. This motto is on the neusilber cross for all Prussian Landwehr. In this example, we have 4 holes punched into the eagle breast and...
  12. b.loree

    A word to the wise

    A reminder to all of the membership.... most of us have 10's of thousands invested in our collections, others have $100's of thousands. Ultimately, there is no value to our treasures if no one else values them, no new collector wants to pay for them. So our purpose here is to always encourage...
  13. b.loree

    Hessen Private Purchase OR Style Wappen

    This wappen belongs to my private purchase Feld Arty No. 25 helmet. The helmet is totally officer except for this solid crown wappen. Although this piece does not have the officer voided crown, the screw posts are soldered on diagonally which again is how officer's are done.
  14. b.loree

    GFR OR Helmet and Garde Dragoner from the UK

    A couple of helmets sent for restoration from the UK. These belong to Michael one of our members. So, the little GFR helmet needs both visors restitched and the Dragoner has a loose front visor and needs to have a new piece of original neusilber trim installed. All fittings that could be easily...
  15. b.loree

    Dirty Little Hessen Feld Arty No. 25 !

    I bought this helmet for my own collection...a private purchase Hessen from Feld Arty Regt. 25. I state number 25 instead of 61, the other Hessen Feld Artillerie Regt because this kugel unscrews for the parade trichter, 61 does not wear the trichter. There is a lot of work to be done on this...
  16. b.loree

    Prussian Grenadier OR's Helmet

    This helmet belongs to a member and was first posted on another thread. Initially we thought only one visor had to be restitched but once I had the helmet in hand it became obvious, that both visors had been glued back on to the shell. I have run into this on numerous occasions. The owner also...
  17. b.loree

    Mecklembourg OR Wappen JR 89

    A recent purchase.... a model 1895 OR's wappen from JR 89. I cleaned this up a bit, my thanks to Alan for selling this to me. :) Unique how the soldered loops have been soldered up and down...then a thin sliver of leather inserted.
  18. b.loree

    Prussian Grenadier OR's Wappen

    I just finished this helmet for a member and thought I would post 2 photos of this unique Grenadier wappen. Although the bird is the same, there is no Garde Star on the Grenadier and the sword hilt is S shaped rather than square. I do not have one of these in my wappen collection and in my...
  19. b.loree

    Prussian Flag Bearer Sleeve Patch

    Time to pass this on to another collector....Prussian Fahnentrager Sleeve Patch. Excellent condition and totally original. Asking $325US plus postage. A very rare piece of History. No issues, no mothing.
  20. b.loree

    Cloth Haube Strap

    I have never owned one of these so I am posting this original? This thin white leather(?) backing is concerning but again I have never handled on of these.