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    Prussian Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube

    Hi Folks, this post is mainly for Zebedeus, a.k.a. Zeb, and his love of Ersatz Pickelhauben. My latest addition is a near-mint Prussian Ersatz Felt Pickelhaube; the Olive Drab paint on it motivated me to purchase it. The color on it looks better in person than it did on BSM. The main drawback...
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    Prussian O.R. M-1915 Jaeger zu Pferde

    Y'all have been a "Bad Influence" on me; I have the JzP bug now. Best regards, John
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    Bait and Switch on ePay

    Check out the first picture than the others...
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    WW1 German M-16 camouflage helmet of the Prussian "Gardekorps", with The Name of the soldier. Size 64 The helmet and the cammo look like the real deal from other helmets I have seen and owned. However, I do not know enough about the Gardekorps shield and numbering. Opinions?
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    EK II Document to a Garde Füsilier Regiment Maikäfer

    While serving in (then) West Berlin, I picked up a very nicely framed Iron Cross 2nd Class/EK II awarded on 12 Oct 1916 to Gefreiter Alexander Bolze, 7th Company, Garde Fusilier Regiment. A German friend, Rudi Dohnisch, saw the EK II document; he told me the story of why there is a beetle or...
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    Searching for information on a Garde-Regiment Nr. 3 Pickelhaube

    I just picked up a Garde Regiment Nr. 3 pickelhaube that is enroute to me as I write this post. I am posting some pictures of it, hoping that someone can help me identify the unit and individual who wore this pickelhaube before the Great War. Do the markings on the back visor indicate it is...
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    Model 1894 Prussian OR Dragoon Pickelhaube From SOS 2022

    After Jame's pictures from the first couple of days at the SOS, I started doing a walkabout on Friday afternoon and morning Saturday. So to make a long story short, I came across this splendid example of a Model 1894 Prussian Other Ranks (Mannschaften) Dragoon Pickelhaube and decided it needed...
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    Remember Those Who Gave All on 5 December 2001

    On 5 December 2021, locally, we quietly remembered our boys who paid the price of liberating Afghanistan5 December 2001: MSG Jefferson D. Davis Team SGT ODA 574: SFC Dan Petitory, Sr Communication SGT 574: SSG Cody Prosser, Intelligence Sgt ODC 52: Today's Army-Navy Game pays tribute to...
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    Wanted to Buy OR Saxon 1. LEIB-GRENADIER-REGIMENT NR 100 wappen

    Hello Folks, I am looking for an OR Saxon 1. LEIB-GRENADIER-REGIMENT NR 100 wappen; silver-plated star with applied gold-plated Saxon coat of arms. The wappen does not have to be in pristine condition. I would be willing to purchase outright, trade, or a combination of the two. It does not have...
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    AGM Oldenburg Officer Pickelhaube at Greater New Orleans Militaria Show

    Here is the Oldenburg Officer Pickelhaube AGM has for sale. One question for the SME's on this forum; would the brown leather on the front visor indicate that this helmet was a One Year Volunteer helmet that later entered the officer ranks? Here is a link to his website...
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    AGM OR Hessian Pickelhaube at Greater New Orleans Militaria Show

    Here are some pictures of the OR Hessian Pickelhaube forum member Jeff Shrader, Advance Guard Militaria, for sale at last weekend's show. I am not an expert in any way, but this seems like a great pickelhaube; I wish the current situation allowed because I might have purchased it. Here is...
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    Greater New Orleans Militaria Show 23 & 24 October 2021

    Friends of mine are having a show next weekend just North of New Orleans. Jeff Shrader Advance Guard Militaria and Robert Wilson tarbridge/ are among the dealers planning to attend. In addition, Dan Clifton of Old Patriot Militaria is one of the sponsors of the...
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    Bavarian Pionier Georg Müller a German Soldier in the Great War

    In November 2019, I picked up a small group of items that included real period cards or RPC at the semiannual Tennessee Military Collectors show. One of which was a picture of a German soldier wearing the 1914 Iron Cross Second Class. I found this card interesting because someone printed a...
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    I find the history of an item fascinating, especially when it has a unit identification and the former owner’s name. In the case of this pickelhaube, it was in the inventory of the Train Battalion No 8, aka “Rheinisches Train-Bataillon Nr. 8”. Based on writing inside it, one learns that it...
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    JzP on ePay

    Hi Folks All the talk about JzPs and the great comparison thread by Skipper John have sparked my interest in these helmets. Has anyone taken a look at this JzP? It looks like it might be a C.E. Juncker based upon John's post. However, the chin strap may be a reproduction and not an original...
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    Baden Pickelhaube

    I recently picked up an M95 Baden Pickelhaube without kokarden/cockades or chin strap. It has seen better time but still a nice worn helmet. When I left for SOS 2021, I planned on getting a Baden Kokarde for it. So, when I met James LeBrasseur at the show, I found that he had several cockades...
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    This Pickelhaube is a war trophy brought back to England by British Army Veteran. I was immediately attracted to it because it has the field worn and captured look about it. Of course, my first inclination was to clean off the dirt accumulated on it over the years. But my attraction to it was...
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    Prussian Zoll, or Polizei, or Zoll Polizei Wappen? What is it?

    I recently picked this wappen up mainly because it looked cool. I have seen several wappen displaying Prussian Crowned Eagle emblem with a "W" on the chest of the Adler. A few have a metal brass “W” on an Eagle, the bird being more ornate, both are fire gilded, like the one I have. However, the...
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    "This piece will be the crown jewel of any militaria collection!!"

    The current owner's words, not mine. WWI Bavarian Picklehaube Imperial German Spiked Helmet NAMED The shell looks to be cardboard so is it Ersatz Pickelhaubenshell? The liner looks like it came from a Luftshutz helmet. So, it is original or all kinds of period parts. Just wondering what the...
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    An Active Service Souvenir for Musketier Rentschler 11th Co. Infantry Regiment "Emperor Frederick, King of Prussia" (7 Württembergisches) no. 125

    Man Infantry Regiment "Emperor Frederick, King of Prussia" (7 Württembergisches) no. 125 is a long title. This is a pretty neat service souvenir for a soldier finishing his compulsory active service and going into the reserves. My German has never been the best but I believe the translation is...