8 medal bar for Austrian Veteran


Ok so I am not normally a medal guy, but got this 8 place medal bar at a local auction in my town. had one medal on it that did not go on it. But got it dirt cheap. So decided it would be fun to find the medals and complete it, thanks to forum member and good friend Alan S. he helped me ID each of them as some I never would have figured out and the search was on, took me many months to complete but it is finally done!

1) Iron Cross 2nd class
2) Flanders Cross with bar on ribbon
3) Commemorative Honor medal of WWI with wreath and sword on ribbon
4) Prussian Kriegserinnerungskraus 1914-1918
5) Honorary Union German Veterans Cross
6) Hungarian Commemorative Medal
7) Austrian Honor Legion Cross with Swords on ribbon
8) Prussian Regimental Cross with Rgt bar on ribbon

Thanks again to Alan for all the help




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This is very exciting to see this medal bar completed, James! Congratulations!

Several of these medals are very difficult to find. I personally had never seen a two of them before, until discovering what the missing medals were that matched the ribbons.

And congratulations on assembling this in what I personally feel is a very quick time period. I figured it would take a year or more for you to find them all. Great job of diligent persistence in looking for them! Again, congratulations!

Best Wishes,