A Few Foot Garde Portraits


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Still new to this site, but I have been slowly gathering Wilhelmine period portraits, and thought would add these two here. I have a sizable collection of early 20th century US Marine and Navy images, then started expanding into British Victorian and Edwardian portraits and now Imperial.


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Welcome to the forum Dirk, good to have you join us. Those are excellent photos, please post more!

Welcome to the forum! Fantastic pair of photos and thank you very much for sharing your collection with us! Eager to see what other treasures you will surprise us with.

Thank you John! Will post more over time in the photo section so folks can use them as additional reference images….hopefully seeing details that I might have missed.
Very nice photos .I like these also and collect photos of 1 G R zu Fuss
and KAGGR # 1 troops wearing their parade miters
Steve thank you! I have been admiring your posts and seeing your amazing collection!