A Happy Ending For a German Soldier



I really liked this photograph and EKII, coming clean this is the one I sold with the EKII that came with the pictures.

The advert explains it all:

The card translates as "in memory of my war(time) France Russia Rumania 15th January 1915 - 10th November 1918.

A German soldier enjoys a well earned drink after surviving the war, it is a great story with a happy ending.

This came from a house clearance near Frankfurt-am-Main, there was an old envelope in a trunk and it contained four pictures, two of which have faded to nothing, two copies of this picture and the Iron Cross II with ribbon. The other copy of the photograph is in my collection.

It most definitely is and will go in a display with an EKII when we move house.

It was good to see something with a happy ending